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UIUC Mathematics Email Migration - OWA Questions

Outlook Web App Questions.
Q. I would like to select all the messages in a folder and move them to
another folder.

A. There is no 'select all' button and you cannot select a large number
of messages in the OWA client.  However, you can right-click on a
folder and select 'move folder' or 'copy folder'.

A. You may use an alternative mail client to copy-and-move that many
messages on the Exchange server; Thunderbird, Mac Mail.

Q. I cannot see the content of Sent Messages in OWA.  I can only see
the name of the sendee.  How can I change this?

A. In the OWA client the view you are looking for is called the
'Reading Pane'.  It may be off by default for Sent Messages.  The fix
is to select 'Sent Items', click on the link 'View', select 'Right'.  
The change takes affect immediately.

Q. I am not getting any new email.

Q. I do not see my new email.

Q. How is the webmail client sorting my email?

A. By default OWA sorts email by conversation.  Be sure to uncheck
'Conversation' in the 'Arrange by' dropdown under the 'Search Entire
Mailbox' text box.

Q. I would like to move my Pine address book to the campus email server.

A. There is no automatic way of making your Pine address book available
to the campus webmail.  Your choices are to use them from
within Pine, or to move them over yourself.

Q. Can I create a new contact automatically, either by grabbing it from
an existing message or searching our domain?

A. While reading a message simply right-click on the senders
name/address and select 'Add to Contacts'.

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