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Learn@Illinois Moodle - Student - Using Illinois Media Space for Audio or Video Recording

Learn how to use Illinois Media Space for audio or video recording. If there is a functionality missing or you are unable to follow the guide here, please contact us at
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  1. Go to Illinois Media Space.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Illinois Login to open the drop-down menu and select Login
    Illinois media space login screenshot
  3. Once you are logged in, click Add New to open the drop-down menu. You can select either Express Capture or Kaltura Personal Capture.
    Note: If you select "Kaltura Personal Capture", you will need to install the application "Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder" on your computer if you have not done so already. This gives you the options of capturing your camera, your screen, or your audio independently.
    Note: "Express Capture" simply requires a web camera. It is a simple way to record a webcam video straight into IMS.
    Express Capture

Using Express Capture

  1. From the "Add New" drop-down, click Express Capture.
    Express Capture
  2. This will direct you to a "Record Media" page. Here, you may have to allow the website to use your microphone and/or camera.
    Express use mic and camera
  3. To switch from recording a video and audio file to just an audio file, click the Gear icon.
    Gear icon
  4. Next to your camera type, click the Arrow icon.
    Camera arrow icon
  5. Click to switch the camera off. In the upper right corner, it will say "Recording Audio Only".
    Swith camera off
    Recording Audio Only
  6. After recording your audio file, you can choose to "Record Again", "Download a Copy", or "Use This". To continue, click Use This.
    Express use this
  7. Fill in the video details as desired and click Save.
    Express save

Using Kaltura Personal Capture (Installing Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder on your Computer)

  1. Select the appropriate operating system and make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements. This program is currently available for Windows and Mac.
    Kultura Capture
  2. Follow one of the two downloading options below.

For Mac users

  1. Click the Download for Mac button. This will download a file called "Kaltura.CaptureSpace.Desktop.Recorder_###.dmg". 
  2. Click to open the installation package and drag the "Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder" into the "Applications" folder.

For Windows users

  1. Click the Download for Windows button. This will download a file called "Kaltura.CaptureSpace.Desktop.Recorder_###.exe". 
  2. Click to open the program; it will ask permission to run on your computer (select Allow).


  1. Open the "Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder" program on your computer by returning to the Illinois Media Space and clicking on Kultura Personal Capture.
  2. The program will open a small, black tool bar which will allow you the option of recording your screen, camera, or audio. 
  3. Select Audio and click the red button on the left to begin recording.  The recording will start in five seconds; the timer will help you keep track of the countdown and of the duration of your voice clip.
    Note: If you prefer to record a video, select "camera", or if you prefer to record a screencast, select "screen".  
    Kaltura capture bar
  4. Once you have completed recording, click on the gray square icon to end the recording.
    Gray stop icon
  5. Click Save and upload.
    Save and upload
  6. After the upload is complete, you can view your recordings in the Illinois Media Space gallery.

Embedding Your Recording into the Text Editor

If you would like to embed a recording into a Moodle activity, such as an assignment or announcement, see Embedding Audio or Video from Illinois Media Space.

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