Learn@Illinois Moodle - Illinois Media Space Assignment

Illinois Media Space Assignment allows instructors to create assignments that require students to upload and submit Illinois Media Space Videos.

Instructors can grade student submissions and provide feedback. This tool allows students to engage with digital literacy in the safe and accessible context of Illinois Media Space. Instructors can also use this tool to record and upload videos of their lectures and integrate them to the course readings.

General Settings

Enter the name and a brief description of your assignment, then adjust the submission settings. If enabled, the Available From and Due Date lines will let you chose how long students will be able to access the assignment.
The Allow Resubmitting option will allow students to replace the videos they submitted; the Prevent Late Submissions setting controls whether this is possible within or after the deadline. The image below shows how to set the assignment so that students are allowed to update their submission, but only until the due date.

You can also chose whether teachers should receive email notifications of student submissions. If enabled, teachers receive email notification whenever students add or update an assignment submission; however, only teachers who are able to grade that particular assignment will be notified.


If this is a graded activity, adjust the settings to determine the type of grade students will receive, and if you would like this activity to appear under a specific category in your Moodle Gradebook

Common Module Settings and Restrictions

Use these settings to determine if you want your Illinois Media Space Assignment to be visible and if this is an activity that students complete alone or in groups. If this is an individual assignment, select No groups from the Group Mode options, and None in the Grouping line.

If you want this assignment to be available to specific groups or groupings of students, adjust the settings here then click on the appropriate Add group/grouping access restriction. Select those groups from the Restrict Access settings.

Student View

Once your Illinois Media Space Media Assignment becomes available to students, once opened it will display the instruction you entered and two options: Add media submission and Submit media.

Selecting Add media submission will take them to their Illinois Media Space Gallery, where they can chose from previously uploaded videos or, on the top right corner, the Add New menu.

Here they can chose between a Media Upload, a Webcam Recording, CaptureSpace, YouTube, or a Video Presentation.

For more information about Illinois Media Space:

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