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Learn@Illinois Moodle - Accessing Student i-Card Photos

Learn how to use the i-Card Photos Block to view the photos of students officially enrolled in your course (via Banner).
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You can use this block to view the i-card photos, names, and UINs of the students officially enrolled in your course website. Only course administrators, teachers, and non-editing teachers can see the block once it is added. 
  1. Add the "i-Card Photos" block. For instructions on how to add blocks to your course site, see Using Blocks.
  2. In the "i-Card Photos" block, click the Show Photos button.
  3. You are now able to view students' i-card photos, names, and UINs. 
    • Search for students by typing their name or organize them by group. 
    • Hovering over the photo will enlarge it slightly. 
    • You can see a larger version of the image by clicking the student name (which will take you to the student's profile page) and scrolling down. In the "i-Card Photos" block on the lower left side of the screen, there is an enlarged version of the student i-card photo.

      Note: To help protect student data, click the Hide Photos button whenever you are not using this student information.

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