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You can customize the Course overview block on your Dashboard to access your courses quickly and easily. This block shows all courses that you are enrolled in.

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Note: Changes made to the Course overview block only affect your view. If you would like to hide your course from students or show your course to students, see Making Course Sites Visible and Hidden.

Filtering Displayed Courses

To filter the list of displayed courses by All, In progress, Future, Past, Starred, or Hidden, click the filter button directly under the "Course overview" text and select your choice.
Course overview filter

Starring, Hiding, or Showing a Course on your Dashboard

To hide a course on your Dashboard or star a course on your Dashboard, click the three dots to the right of the name of your course and select your choice.

Star or hide course

Sort by Last Accessed or Course Name

Courses are sorted by "Course name" by default. To sort by "Last accessed", click the drop-down next to "Sort by" and select "Last accessed".

Sort by Last accessed

Change the View to Card, Summary, or List

In the top right corner, click the drop-down menu to the far right. 

Change view drop-down

See below for examples of each.

Card view

Card view

List view

List view

Summary view

Summary view

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