Learn@Illinois Moodle - Groups and Groupings Help

Learn@Illinois allows instructors to divide students who are enrolled into their course into groups and groupings. The groupings feature also allows activities to be restricted to a particular grouping.

For a permanent link to this information, please use: http://go.illinois.edu/MoodleUnderstandingGroups

Accessing the Groups and Groupings Pages

  1. Click Participants in the menu on the left to see the students/users in your course.
    Click Participants 
  2. Click the blue Actions menu gear on this page and select Groups.
    Click Groups
  3. Toggle between the two pages by clicking the Groups and Groupings tabs at the top.
    Groups page



A group is subset of users in your course. Here are some examples of possible groups:

Group Mode

Instructors can set up new or existing activities to use groups.

On the Edit Settings page for any activity, under Common Module Settings "Group mode", you have three choices:

Groups perform different functions for different types of activities: 

Instructors can toggle through No groups, Separate groups, and Visible groups by clicking the person icon to the right of the activity without going into the settings. See Using Groups with Forums for an example of this.

Creating Groups

In addition to the section groups that may automatically appear in your course based on information in Enterprise/Banner, instructors can create other groups of students.There are four methods for putting students into groups:


A grouping is a collection of groups. Groupings are most often used in coordination with groups. When group mode is set to either "Separate groups" or "Visible groups", you must choose a grouping. 

For example, you may create several discussion groups (e.g., Group A, Group B, and Group C). After creating them, you place them in a grouping (e.g., Discussion Groups). When you want to use groups in your forum (or other activity), you then select Discussion Groups as the grouping.

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