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Learn how to use the feedback activity to create and conduct surveys to collect information from your students using a variety of question types. Feedback responses may be anonymous if desired, and results may be shown to all participants or restricted to teachers only.
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Examples of Using Feedback Activity

  • Early informal feedback
  • A customized survey that you don't need a completion grade for
  • Anonymous optional surveys to address issues such as bullying

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if Feedback is the best activity for what I need?
    See our Surveying your Students or Choosing a Student Response Tool pages to help you decide which activity will best meet your needs.
  2. Can I send a follow-up reminder through Moodle to those who have not yet completed my survey?
    Yes. Click on the "Show non-respondents" tab, select the ones you would like to message, compose the message and click "Send".
  3. Can I give a completion grade for participating in the survey?
    No. If you would like to give students points for taking the survey, use Questionnaire.
  4. What question types are available?
    Multiple choice - single answers (radio buttons), Multiple choice - multiple answers (checkboxes), or Multiple choice - single answer allowed (dropdown list), rated multiple choice, short answer, longer answer, and numeric.
  5. Can I require answers for certain questions?
    Yes, under "Edit" next to the question, select "Set as required" or check the required checkbox when creating the question.

Groups and Groupings

  • The Feedback activity can be used with separate groups.
  • See our Groups and Groupings page for more information.

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