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Learn how to use the questionnaire activity to construct surveys using a variety of question types for the purpose of gathering data from users. It can be anonymous, and students can have access to their answers.

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Examples of Using Questionnaire Activity

  • An anonymous survey that gives back the results to students so they can have access to their answers and gives a completion grade

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I set the Questionnaire to be anonymous?
    Yes. In the "Edit Settings" menu under "Response options", set the "Respondent type" to "anonymous".
  2. Can I grade a Questionnaire activity?
    Yes. The Questionnaire activity allows for a completion/submission grade. In the "Edit Settings" menu under "Response options", set the "Submission grade" to the desired point value and save.
  3. Can I send a follow-up reminder through Moodle to those who have not yet completed my survey?
    Yes. Click "View All Responses" and go to the "Non-respondents" tab. Select the students you would like to message, compose the message, and click "Send".
  4. What question types are available?
    Check Boxes, Date, Dropdown Box, Essay Box, Numeric, Radio Buttons, Rate (scale 1..5), Text Box, and Yes/No.
  5. Can I require answers for certain questions?
    Yes. Select "Yes" next to "Response is required" when you are creating or editing the question.

Groups and Groupings

  • The Questionnaire activity can be used with separate groups.
  • See our Groups and Groupings page for more information.

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