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Learn how to set up a simple points gradebook. To use the points gradebook, all assignments and their precise point values must be established before the course begins. When assignments are altered or deleted, it affects the weight of all other items in the gradebook.
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Here is a sample points gradebook:
Sample Points Gradebook top
Sample points gradebook B

Deciding Point Values

In the screenshot above, we have a course that is worth a total of 1,000 points. This is a recommended point total because it makes the percentages easy to double check and is big enough to use chunks of larger round numbers of points for various assignments.

Just as in the percentage gradebook, let's imagine that we have the following setup in our course syllabus:
Attendance 10%
Discussion Forum Posts 20%
Assignments 30%
Quizzes 10%
Tests 30%

Now we translate each of these percentages into point values out of 1,000 (by adding a 0) and double check that they add up to 1,000:
Attendance 100 points
Discussion Forum Posts 200 points
Assignments 300 points
Quizzes 100 points
Tests 300 points

The tricky part now is that you have to make the activities in each category add up to the number of points and have a non-decimal value. 
Attendance 100/1= 100 points each
Discussion Forum Posts 200/8 = 25 points each
Assignments 300/6 = 50 points each
Quizzes 100/2 = 50 points each
Tests 300/2 = 150 points each

Edit Maximum Grades

The total points for each activity needs to be edited within that activity itself instead of in the gradebook. The gradebook display simply reflects the points as they are set in activities. See Editing Maximum Grades for instructions on how to do this.

Make the Course Level Aggregation Type "Natural Sum of Grades"

See Make the Course Level Aggregation Type "Natural Sum of Grades" to make sure that your Gradebook setup page is set to "Natural Sum of Grades" at the course level.
Note: This is the default, but it is a good idea to double check.

Optional: Use Categories in a Points Gradebook Setup

You may add category folders to the gradebook for organizational purposes.
  1. From the course homepage, click Grades.
    Click Grades
  2. Click Grader report and select Gradebook setup.
    Click Grader report and select Gradebook setup

  3. Click Add category.
    Add category button
  4. For "Category name" type in the name of your category (e.g., Quizzes).
    For "Aggregation," select "Natural (Sum of Grades)," which should be the default.
    Type Category name and select Aggregation
  5. Click the Save changes button.
    Save changes button
  6. Repeat the same process for each category.

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