Media Space Video Categories

How to create and manage a department category in Media Space.

Creating a department category on Media Space

  1. Contact Technology Services at to request a new category
  2. Categories are nested under Liberal Arts & Sciences and should be named as appropriate for your department.
  3. Sub-categories can be nested underneath your department category and their names should include the name of your department. For example, 'Sociology Alumni' is nested within the 'Sociology' category; 'MATH 231' is nested within 'Math'; etc.

Assigning Permissions to your category

Once your category is created you will need to update permissions so that users can view your content.You can also allow certain users to upload videos to that category.
  1. Go to your category, click the 'Actions' button in the top-right corner, and click 'Edit' from the dropdown
  2. Under the 'Details' tab, check to make sure the settings are correct. Setting privacy to 'Open' ensures that users outside the university will be able to view your content
  3. Under the 'Members' tab you can add NetIDs for those users who should have access to upload media to this gallery
Member roles are as follows:
  • Member - View content only (use if your gallery is set to 'Private')
  • Contributor - View content and add media
  • Moderator - View content, add media, and moderate gallery
  • Manager - View content, add media, moderate and edit category settings and membership roles

Publishing media to a category

  1. Upload media as you usually would from the 'Add new' dropdown
  2. Fill out required details and save as 'Unlisted'
  3. Once you've saved the video as 'Unlisted' you should be able to check 'Published'. By checking this, a menu will appear where you can select the category where you want to publish your media
  4. Categories with a globe icaon are public and can be published to by anyone, categories with an asterisk can be published to by those with permission, and categories with a restricted icon are private