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ATLAS FormBuilder - Adding and editing phase permissions

This document explains how to add phase permissions for security groups for individual phases.

Phase permissions are necessary when building a form because they determine which users have permission to view or edit the content included in a form.  

Depending on the settings, each phase permission controls permission levels of a specific phasecollection, review approval, or archivewhich can then be set to some specific group(s).  

Adding a Phase Permission
When making a form, it could be beneficial to have multiple phase permissions.
To add a new phase permission, you must first select which phase you want the permission to control.  
The gear should produce a drop-down selection of options for each phase.  Select 'Edit Phase/Permissions'.
This option brings up a box detailing the different setting options available to the administrator involving phases and the respective permissions.  To add a permission, select 'Add Permission'.  To edit an existing permission, select the 'Permissions' tab and go to the permission that you wish to change.
Once selected, a new window containing different options will pop up with a variety of options to set the phase permission.
Learn more about the options you have concerning phase permissions <HERE>.
After you have set up the phase permission to suit your form's needs, select 'Save' to update the changes you have made.  

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