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Learn@Illinois Moodle - Connecting with Digication e-Portfolio

Learn how to use Digication. Digication is an e-Portfolio platform available through the "External Tool" activity.

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  1.  In the upper-right corner, click Turn editing on.
    Turn Editing On
  2. At the bottom of the section where you would like to put the Digication connection, click Add an activity or resource.
    Add and activity or resource
  3. Select the "External Tool" activity, then click Add.
    External Tool
  4. Fill in the "Activity name" with a name of your choice (e.g., Create your e-Portfolio).
    Activity name
  5. Next to "Preconfigured tool", select Digication e-Portfolio from the drop-down menu.
    Digication e-Portfolio
  6. The remainder of the settings will be automatically filled in. Click Save and return to course.
    Save and return to course
  7. If it is your first time using Digication, click Confirm to create an account.
    Confirm to create a new account
  8. If it's your first time using Digication, click I Agree to accept the End User License Agreement.
    End User License Agreement

  9. Next, scroll down and click the Define templates for students button.
    Define Templates for Students
  10. Here, you can decide which template you would like your students to use. If you have not created a template for your course, we recommend you use one of the existing templates, such as the Blank Template, which will appear on the list of templates available. Click View All and scroll down to access Blank Template.
    Select a template
  11. Click on the desired template, scroll down if necessary, and click USE THIS TEMPLATE.
    Select template
  12. At the top of the screen (scroll up if necessary), click Save & Share Template.
    Save & Share Template
  13. Here create a new title for your template such as Sample Course 123 e-Portfolio. The word "Template" will be appended to whatever title you choose. This is the template that your students will use to create their e-Portfolio.
    Template Info
  14. Scroll down and click Continue.
    Click continue
  15. Click Edit to change the permission on your template.
    Who can see the template
  16. Scroll down and click Continue.
    Click Continue
  17. Review the Template Default Settings and change as necessary.
    Template Default Settings
  18. Scroll down and click Save Settings.
    Save settings
  19. Now your template will appear under Templates Shared With This Course.
    Templates shared with this course
  20. Click the X in the top right-hand corner to return to the main screen .
  21. Underneath the "Welcome to Digication!" banner, click Connect to a Course in Digication.
  22. Now your course name will be displayed under the "Welcome to Digication" banner. Click on it to access your course shell/course site on
    Note: You may want to uncheck the "I would like to receive email notifications from this course" box to reduce inbox clutter.
    Digication course shell
    Note: The Digication course shell holds the student roster and any portfolio-based assignments that you create using Digication. The course shell can be accessed by going to, logging in by clicking Log in in the top-right corner, and then clicking on the Courses link at the top of the page.
For help using Digication:

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