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Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding a YouTube Video via Illinois Media Space

This resource allows you to embed YouTube videos through Illinois Media Space. The advantage to doing this is that the video is displayed within the same player and is available to students in countries that have blocked YouTube.

For a permanent link to this information, please use:

  1. Copy the link of the YouTube video you will be using. 
  2. Click on an activity (or create one).
  3. Click Edit settings.
  4. In the text editor menu, click the Embed Illinois Media Space (rainbow burst) button.
    Atto text editor, first row, Embed Illinois Media Space button
  5. In the upper right of the new window, click Add New button to expand the menu and choose the YouTube option.
    Add new and sekect YouTube options
  6. Paste the YouTube link into the text box.
    Paste link text box pic
  7. Click the Preview button and make sure you can see the video once it uploads.
    IMS Preview button
  8. Scroll down, enter a description (optional), add tags (optional), and click the Save button.
    IMS Save button
  9. Scroll to the top of the page and click the Back button.
  10. Next to the newly uploaded video, click the Select button.
    IMS Select button
  11. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save and display to make sure the video embedded properly.
    Save and display button

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