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The quiz activity is a great tool for adding lecture slides to your course interspersed by optional questions to demonstrate mastery. Updating security settings, using the question bank, using description question-types, and implementing headings are three excellent ways to make your lessons user-friendly. You may also allow multiple attempts for full credit and allow students to check answers immediately after answering.

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Changing Security Settings

There are two security settings that it is important to change when making a lecture using the quiz activity. It is important to make sure that security settings for them are set up properly so that students can easily view all slides and are not prevented from navigating other parts of the course while they view the lecture.

Showing Blocks

Make sure that normal blocks can be viewed while students are viewing the lecture.

  1. Click Edit settings.
    Edit settings
  2. Scroll down. Click Appearance to expand the section; then, click Show more.
    Appearance - Show more
  3. Under "Show blocks during quiz attempts", select Yes from the drop-down menu.
    Show blocks during quiz attempts - Yes

Lessening Browser Security

Make sure that students can view the rest of the course site while they are viewing the lecture.

  1. Click Edit settings.
    Edit settings
  2. Click Extra restrictions on attempts to expand the section. Under "Browser security", select None from the drop-down menu.
    Browser security - None

Adjusting Timing Settings

Click Timing to expand the section. Edit the open and close dates and time limit as appropriate. Likely, you will want all three checkboxes unchecked.
Quiz Timing Settings

Using the Question Bank

If you plan to create many lectures in quizzes, create your slides in the Question bank using categories for optimal organization. See Using the Question Bank for more information.

Using the Description Question Type

Add content to the lecture by adding descriptions instead of questions.
  1. When adding content slides, click Edit quiz.
    Edit quiz
  2. Click Add to add a new question.
  3. Under OTHER, select Description. This allows you to add slides that do not have a question. Then, click Add.
    Add description
  4. You must have at least one question included. It is possible to set up a dummy question at the end of the lecture if you don't want a real question.

Creating Headings

Create headings so that students can skip back through the lecture and find sections they would like to review. See our help doc Creating Headings in Quizzes.

Allowing Multiple Attempts for Full Credit

If you would like to give participation credit for viewing the lecture and answering questions, but not penalize students for wrong answers, we suggest allowing unlimited attempts and taking the highest grade. To do this:
  1. Click Edit settings.
    Edit settings
  2. Click Grade to expand the section. Under "Attempts allowed", select Unlimited. Under "Grading method", select Highest grade.
    Unlimited, Highest grade
  3. Don't forget to scroll down and save your changes.

Allowing Students to Check Answers Immediately After Answering

You may want to allow students to check their answers immediately instead of waiting until they finish the entire lecture. Using "Adaptive mode (no penalties)" allows students to click an orange "Check" button below question types such as multiple choice questions and check their answer immediately.

What the Check button looks like

When students click "Check", their answer will be marked to indicate that it is either correct or incorrect.

Showing that the answer is correct

To set this up:

  1. After clicking on the quiz, click Edit settings.
    Edit settings
  2. Under "Question behavior", select "Adaptive mode (no penalties)".
    Note: Selecting "Adaptive mode (no penalties)" will override the percentage penalties that are selected under "Multiple tries" in the individual quiz questions.
    Question behavior Adaptive mode (no penalities) 
  3. Verify that the "Whether correct" box is ticked under "During the attempt" in the "Review options" section.
    Whether correct is checked
  4. Save.

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