ATLAS FormBuilder - How to Create a Phase Permission

This tutorial discusses the specific aspects of creating phase permissions.

When creating a phase for your form, it is necessary to create phase permissions. 

1.) Starting at your form's dashboard, select Phases under the tab titled Data Collection and Form Lifecycle.

2.) Select the gear icon associated with the phase you wish to add Phase Permissions to.  This will open a drop-down menu.  Select Edit Phase/Permissions.

3.) This will open up a new menu on the right.  Navigate to the Permissions tab and select + Add Permission in the top right corner of the box.

4.) The basic phase permission settings are displayed below:

Phase permissions are useful in defining several things:

A.) Specific users you wish to give access to the phase. These groups of users are defined by their security groups, which you can find out how to create in ATLAS FormBuilder - Add a New Security Group.

B.) Period restrictions. By checking this box, the users selected will be able to access the phase outside the defined form period.

C.) The permission level these users will receive. Keep in mind that in order for a user to edit a phase, that user also has to be able to view that phase. For more information on the "Requires Submit" option, see [Link for document 80465 is unavailable at this time].

D.) Specific sections of the form. For example, if you want a user to access the first section of a Data Collection phase but not the rest, you can select that specific section to restrict them to where you want them to be.

E.) Form-specific qualities. Check this box for more options for the phase permission. For more information on this section, see ATLAS FormBuilder - Introduction to Conditional Statements.

For a broader explanation of phases, check out ATLAS FormBuilder - Introduction to Phases.