ATLAS FormBuilder - Receipts for form payments

This tutorial is intended to illustrate a few options form administrators have to provide form responders with payment confirmation.

When dealing with payments in your form, it may prove useful to provide form responders (the people making the payments) with some sort of receipt to verify that they paid the correct amount A) for their own personal reference and B) to look back on if there is some sort of mistake which could happen with a large number of responses.  

While there is not function on FormBuilder designed specifically to provide form responders with receipts for payments, there are a few functions you can maneuver to suit this purpose.
Step One: Creating a new phase
1.) Starting on your form's dashboard, select "Edit Form Contents".
2.) Under the Global Settings tab in the top left corner, select "Add Phase" to create a new phase.  
3.) You will be prompted to name the phase and select the type of phase it is.  Use the drop-down menu to select "Review Approval", and you can name this confirmation review page something like "confirmation," "thank you," etc.
3.) Your new phase will be displayed as it is below.
Step Two: Creating the receipt
1.) In "Edit Form Contents," hover over the section box until it is highlighted, and select it.  
2.) To create a receipt-style message, simply type what you want to display into the text box provided.  
  • Use text merge tools to add customizable content, such as Form Responser Name, contact information, question values, and amount paid.  For more information on this, check out ATLAS FormBuilder - Text merge fields.
  • A sample of what this might look like is shown below.
Step Three: Email Trigger
In some cases, it may be necessary or desirable to send an email copy of this receipt to the form responder.
1.) Once again on your form's dashboard, select "Routing Triggers" under the "WHAT IS IT CALLED" tab.
2.) To add a new routing trigger, select "+ Add New Trigger".

3.) To build your routing trigger, complete all the following fields:
  • Trigger Properties
    • Trigger Name
    • Trigger evaluation time: how often the trigger should go off
  • Trigger Condition
    • Using the drop-down boxes, set the conditions under which the trigger should go off.  In this example, the condition is set to "Current phase is Completion thankyou".  For more information on this, CHECK OUT::::
  • Routing Actions
    • Select "+Add Routing Trigger" to create a new routing trigger.

4.) In this new box, select "Send Email" under Action Type.  A template for an email will pop up beneath that.  Use Text Merge Options to designate the "To" bar (Response Submitter > Email Address), CC if you'd like to copy yourself or anyone else onto the email, and any information from the form that you'd like to include, such as the amount paid, in the Message field.  For more information on this, check out ATLAS FormBuilder - Text merge fields.



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