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ATLAS Time Card - How to Send Emails

This document will show you how to send emails to administrators.
If you want to contact managers through email, you can do that on ATLAS TimeCard itself. 

To watch a video tutorial on how to send emails, check out:

1.) Navigate to the Email tab and select the Unit from the drop down menu. Then click the green 'Select Unit' button. 

2.) Next fill out the Email Form. It is recommended that you send from, but you have the option to enter a different sender email address if you'd like. Then you will need to choose which Unit Group to send it to, as well as which managers. 

You have the option to send the email to all managers, managers who have already approved the pay period, or managers who have yet to approve the pay period. 

*Note that these 'managers' are the administrators that were added to Unit Groups and authorized to receive emails. 

3.) Once you have made the selections, scroll down. Here you have the option to CC or BCC other people you want to receive the email. Then type in the subject and message itself. Now click the green 'Preview Email' button.

4.) Here you can review the email to make sure everything is correct. You can also see the specific managers the email is being sent to. Once you are satisfied, click the green 'Send Email' button. 

See other tutorials for ATLAS Time Card here: 

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