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Vetstar - Account Creation Request and Setup

Below are the steps required to create an account within Vetstar for things like research, gifted funds, etc.

Principle Investigator or Technician

  1. Submit a Vetstar Account Creation Form to

Health Information Team

  1. Review the Vetstar Account Creation Form from the PI or Technician.
  2. Initiate creation of new Account, engage VTH Business Office to create a DBF Code and notify the PI.

Client Master File Setup

  1. From the home screen select type QC 2 and Enter to the Client Master Screen
  2. Go into Add Mode (F5)
  3. Press Enter and an Account Code will auto generate, write it down.
  4. At Name: enter the name of the project from the Vetstar Account Creation Form
  5. At Addr 1: enter the name of the primary doctor on the study.
  6. At Addr 2: If internal, enter 1008 W Hazelwood Drive. If external enter the location, for example Animal Sciences.
  7. At Zip: enter 61802
  8. At Valid: Put a check
  9. At Other Names: enter Y
  10. At Sal: enter Dr
  11. At M.O.C: enter em
  12. At Home Phone: enter the phone of the primary doctor on the study without dashes. (Ignore and enter past any pop up stating the phone is already in use, the PI may have multiple studies.)
  13. At E-mail: enter the email address of the primary doctor on the study
  14. At Client Type: Select proper type, for example Principle Investigator (VCM) or if External research acct like Animal Sciences then Research Account (External)
  15. Enter all the way through to Client Status. Multiple fields will auto fill as you enter. 
  16. At Client Status: type R2 fr Research Account / RA
  17. SAVE (F3)

Patient Master File Setup

  1. At Create new patient, select Yes
  2. At Patient Name: type Drugs and Supplies
  3. At Breed: type NA
  4. At Color: type NA
  5. At Sex: type N
  6. At Birth: Enter TODAYS date
  7. Select Save
  8. Go back to the Client Master Screen and bring up the newly created account
  9. Go into Change Mode (F6)
  10. Select the Alternate button
  11. Enter a few different ways to search for this project including the full name of the project.

Notify VTH Business Office to create a DBF Code

  1. In the ticket cc Stephanie Cessna (Camp) and Jeff Hannum type the following: 
Your account in Vetstar is setup and the account number is xxxxxx. I am copying Stephanie Camp and Jeff Hannum and they will setup the DBF code and send it to you.

Thank you!

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