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Vetstar - Client / Patient Account Lookup and Home Screen Overview

In this module, we will learn the various ways to quickly find a client/patient account and take a deeper look a the Vetstar Home screen options.

Video Training Link: Client / Patient Account Look up and Home Screen Overview

Client / Patient Lookup

The owner’s account number:


Note: If more than one patient and/or owner is found, a window will open with a choice of accounts. If you are using the mouse, find your patient’s account by scrolling through the window, and then click on the account. If you prefer to use the keyboard, use the up and down arrow keys (and Page Up/ Page Down keys if more than one page is displayed) until your patient’s account is highlighted, and then press the right arrow key.

The owner's last name + the patient’s name (separated by a slash "/")


Owner's name as “last name, first name”

  • Include a space between the comma and the first name.
  • Enter the first few letters of the name if you are not sure of its spelling: for example: Lynn, Di will find Lynn, Diane; Lynn, Dianne; and Lynn, Diana.

m + the patient’s medical record number


p + Owner's Phone number:


Search from the Searches Screen


Every field within this window is searchable.  There is a Vetstar Tip box in the lower right corner with shortcuts that can be typed in the Home screen command line


Vetstar Home Screen Overview 


  1. Client Information Section - this gives information such as account number, name, phone and balance. 
    • Status (Will display in red when active) - May be things like, delinquent account, special consideration such as awesome client, Challenging Client, CVM Employee, etc.
    • Account link (Resets at end of day) -  Select the work Account and you will see a list of all the accounts you have access that day. Please note it may take a moment to load.
  2. Patient Information Section - this gives information such as name, medical record number, breed, sex, age, weight and color.
    • If the patient is consider inpatient their name will have a blue (I)in parenthesis, at the end. 
    • Alerts  (Will display in red when active) - Up to three can be displayed and will be things like, aggressive, bites, no jug sticks, pacemaker, no images of the patient allowed per owner, etc.
  3. Patient Information Section - this gives visit date, reason, number, coordinating doctor and referring hospital/doctor and their contact information.
  4. Other Patients - all other patients owned by the client will be listed here.  You can scroll up/down if needed and double click to select
  5. Patient Recalls - Vaccine or follow ups will display here in blue.  Once overdue they will turn to red.
  6. Pop up Notes & Comments - These are temporary notes that are not a permanent part of the medical record. Anyone can add or remove a PopUp Note. Add by clicking Pop Up Notes/Comments and selecting Add, then enter your text and select save. Common examples of Pop Up Notes:
    • Use cell phone xxx-xxx-xxxx for today
    • Review Client Communication before checkout
  7. Clinical Diagnosis - This is populated at discharge once the clinician has entered it.
  8. Upcoming Appointments - This will show all upcoming appointments, reason, etc.

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