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Vetstar - Creating a New Client / Owner Account

An owner should only have one account; therefore we must search the Vetstar database before we create a new account. Often someone other than the owner may present with the patient. The patient must go on the owners account and not the other representative.

Verify the owner of a patient

Check that the owner does not already have an account search for one using the following parameters on the command line 
  • Owners last name 
  • Owners last name/patient name 
  • Phone number 
    • Phone with area code: p2173335300 
    • Partial phone number: p217333 
    • Phone without area code: p()3335300 
Important: Do not create nor use accounts that contain multiple names for the client such as John & Mary Smith. Do not use a VADDS account.

Adding a new Client/Owner Account

Only create a new account after thoroughly verifying that an account does not already exist.
  1. From the Home screen and ensure that you do not have a client account up.
  2. Type 2 for Client Master and press Enter.  (You can also select 3 Client from the menu at the left of the screen.)
  3. Press F5 or select the Add button to go into Add mode.  (Ensure that the status bar in the lower right corner says Add)
  4. Press enter and the Account number will auto fill.
  5. Fill out the Client information. 
    • Tip: Be sure to enter through the field versus using tab. This will ensure you do not skip fields.
  6. Name: lastname, firstname, middle initial (Smith, John N)
  7. Address: Do not use any punctuation (Use PO not P.O.)
  8. Zip: Enter the zip code and the city/state will auto populate
  9. City:
  10. State:
  11. Valid: Ensure this IS checked
  12. Sal Salutation: This is required and you can Select F4 to open a search window or select theSearch3Dots.jpgbutton.
  13. M.O.C (Method of Communication): Ask the customer their preferred MOC and select F4 to open a search window or select theSearch3Dots.jpgbutton to choose their preference. (you can also enter m for mail or em for email, etc.)

  14. Home Phone: 
  15. Work Phone:
  16. Cell Phone: 
  17. Alt. Phone: 
  18. Fax#: 
  19. Email: If the owner does not have an email enter “none” in the field 
  20. Type: Should default to owner 
  21. Staff Dr: Should default to ha for House Account 
  22. Drivers Lic: Enter the owners Driver’s License Number. 
  23. Client DOB:Clients date of birth 
    • Note: Do NOT add a referring vet here.
  24. Enter through the rest of the screen
  25. You will be prompted to enter a new patient. Add if needed.
All fields highlighted should always be completed

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