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Vetstar - Add a New Patient to an Account

Follow the steps below to create a new patient acvount.
Only create a patient after thoroughly verifying that the patient is not already on the account.
  1. Go to the Home screen and ensure that you have the proper client account up.
  2. Type 3 for Patient Master and press Enter.  (You can also select 9, Patient from the menu at the left of the screen and then select Patient Master..)
  3. Press F5 or select the Add button to go into Add mode.  (Ensure that the status bar in the lower right corner says Add)
  4. Begin by entering the patient name the complete the rest of the patient information entry. (VERIFY proper spelling.)
    • Important: Verify Proper spelling of the patient name.  If you make a mistake you cannot fix it and must email medical records.
    • Tip: Be sure to enter through the field versus using tab. This will ensure you do not skip fields.)
  5. Enter through the Med. Rec # and Staff Doctor, it will auto fill with House Account. (Exact procedure may vary by department, please verify you your manager.) 
  6. Breed: open a window by pressing F4 or double clicking in the field and then search and select the correct breed. 
  7. Color: F4 or double click the field and search/select the color 
  8. Sex: F4 or double click the field and choose the correct sex. Most commonly used:
    • - Male Intact
    • C - Male Castrated
    • - Female Spayed
    • F - Female Intact
  9. Birth:enter the date of birth date with no slashes. (Example: January 1st, 2012 would be entered as 010112)
    • Tip: If the actual birth is not known but the owner says 4 years, you can type 4 in the Birth field and the date will auto fill back 4 years from today's date.
  10. 1st visit: enter today’s date if this is their first visit. 
  11. Alert 1: and Alert 2: F4 or or double click the field to enter a patient alert. 
  12. To enter additional information  Examples: you can enter the Co-owner’s name, or additional rDVM. 
  13. Referring Vet: F4 to lookup. 
    • Important: It is very important to pick the correct one or records will be sent to the wrong referring vet.) Look address, phone, etc. that matches.
    • You will NOT, come back to this screen to update rDVM information. That should be done on the registration screen OR contact Medical Records with the update.
  14. Enter through the rest of the the options.
  15. Alias Names: this may be used if the registered name of the pet differs from the commonly used name.  For example: Itsy Bitsy is registered name but the patient is called Bitsy.
  16. Alerts: Use alerts to communicate information about the patient.  For example: pateint bites, agressive dog, etc. F4 to lookup and select.
  17. Do not use alerts for important thing regarding the patient or owner that should be updated within their records. 
  18. F3 to save.

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