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Vetstar - Registering a Patient

Use the following article to register a patient.

Registering the Patient

  1. Before creating a registration please make sure that you have selected the correct patient on the correct account. 
  2. From the Home screen type creg in the command line and press enter.RegTypeLookup.jpg
  3. Select the service that will be seeing the patient.
  4. Tip: Be sure to enter through the fields versus using tab. This will ensure you do not skip fields.CustVisitReg.jpg
  5. Visit Date: Will auto populate.
  6. Reason: Enter the reason for today's visit. Examples: Hit by car, blood in urine, broken leg, etc.
  7. Clinic: Will auto populate. (F4 to search)
  8. Department: Choose proper department. (F4 to search)
  9. Referred By:Verify that the client has a referring vet and F4 to search for the referring vet. It is VERY important that you select the proper referring vet as medical records will be sent to the referring Vet. 
    • If the client does not want information shared s not want information shared with any RDVM type: "Do do not release information".
    • If the client does not have an RDVM enter No RDVM.
  10. Referring Hospital: same as Referred by
  11. Patient Count: Should always be 1.
  12. Registration Type: Typically "I" for inpatient. (This puts a Blue "I" by the pet name on the Home screen)
  13. Visit Type: Will auto populate.
  14. Hospital Charges: Code can be entered directly or by opening a window to search for the appropriate hospitalization charge.
  15. Additional Info: Check with your service or manager for special case uses in your area.

Doc/Staff Setup

  1. Select Doc/Staff to the right of the screen
  2. Add the Faculty, Resident, and Intern on the case. F4 to search.
    • Every visit MUST always have a faculty member listed.Two doctors are required. Typically it is a faulty member along with an intern or resident.
  3. Be sure to place a check next to the case coordinator (Co Field). Hit the spacebar to put a check in the box.
Important: If a mistake has been made and you cannot correct it, please email medical records asap at

New Patient Fee

A new patient fee should be added to all new patients.  Check with your department manager on procedures.

Hospital Charge Code

Small Animal Emergency Room Hospitalization
  • ER154 SAM ER Hospitalization

Equine Hospitalization Codes
  • Hospitalization E390 (Sick Horse) 
  • Mini Horse hospitalization E591 
  • Healthy foal w/sick mare E517 (Charge for foal) 
  • Healthy mare with sick foal E516 (Charge for mare) 
  • Companion Day boarding E109A

RAHM Hospitalization Codes
  • Bull: FS10B
  • Cow: FS13
  • Calf: FS11
  • Sick Cow with healthy calf: FS039
  • Sick Calf with healthy cow: FS40
  • Beef Cow: FS14
  • Yearling: FS15
  • Sheep/Goat: FS16
  • Swine: FS17
  • Pot Belly pig: FS18
  • Llama/Alpaca: FS19
  • Deer: FS20
  • Fawn: FS356
  • Isolation: FS23
  • Companion: FS038


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