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Echo360 In-Class Polls & Activities

This document summarizes how to prepare in-class polls to be used within an Echo360 live session. These instructions are for faculty preparing polls, separate instructions are available for students on how to take a poll.

Video Instructions:  Video - In-Class Polls (9m 13s)


  1. Login into Echo360 as Instructor.
  2. Click on Classes view.
  3. Scroll down to your Lecture and click the blue Plus icon.
  4. Click Add Presentation (all Activity slides (such as polls) are consider a presentation by Echo360.
  5. Three options, select Create a New Presentation.
  6. Click Add Activity.
  7. Add the desired activity (Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Image quiz, Ordered List, Numerical)
  8. Fill out the activity wizard to configure your activity.
  9. Hit Done to save the activity.  The activity is now ready for class.
  10. During class:
    1. Instructor logs into Echo360 Live session.
    2. Instructor have the activity slide hidden or visible to student  (example, hide until ready for students to see).
    3. Once visible, polling or quiz starts.  Click the Hand icon (first icon) to close the activity.  (Student will see activity as closed)
    4. Click the three bar results icon (second icon) to show the class the results.
    5. Click the Solution icon (third icon) to show the class the solution to the activity.

Screen shot of key functions:

Screenshot of Activity icons

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