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SANDI - Client & Patient Setup

The following instructions explain how to setup a new client or patient.

Video Training Link: SANDI - Client Patient Setup

SANDI Client & Patient Lookup/Addition


  1. Select Reception 
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Walk In Registration
  4. Search to ensure that the owner does not have an existing account. An owner should only have one account; therefore we must search for an existing account before we create a new account. Often someone other than the owner may be present with the patient. The patient must go on the owners account and not the other representative. 
    • Important: Do not create nor use accounts that contain multiple names for the client such as John & Mary Smith. Do not use a VADDS account.
    • Owners last name 
    • Owners last name/patient name 
    • Phone number
      • Phone with area code: 2173335300 
      • Partial phone number: 217333 
      • Phone without area code: 3335300 
    • If the owner account exists it will be displayed and you can either select Add Patient, if it does NOT exist, or select Register
    • If the owner account does NOT exist you can select the Add Client [Please search first]


Adding a New Client and/or Patient

Note: Fields in red are required.

  1. Select the Add Client [Please search first] button and the Account Number will auto fill.
  2. Fill out the Client information. 
    • Tip: Be sure to tab through the field. 


  • Client Name: ALWAYS enter it as lastname, firstname, middle initial (Smith, John N) OR Company Name if applicable.
  • Address 1 & 2: Do not use any punctuation (Use PO not P.O.)
  • Zip: Enter the zip code and the city/state will auto populate
  • City:
  • State:
  • Email: Always enter an email if the customer has one. If the owner does not have an email enter “none” in the field 
  • Primary Phone: This will be the cell phone most of the time.
  • Work Phone: 
  • Land Line: 
  • Alternate Phone: 
  • Fax: 
  • Salutation: You can select from the drop down or can press Enter and type the salutation and Enter to select
  • Status: You can select from the drop down or can press Enter and type the status and Enter to select (If the owner does not have a status, leave the line blank.)
  • Client Type: Default is owner. You can also select from the drop down or can press Enter and type the client type and Enter to select .
  • Credit Card: Enter the card number the owner would like on file
  • Exp: Enter the expiration date
  • Discount %: Default is blank/no discount
  • Social Security #: 
  • Drivers License: Enter the expiration date
  • Account Type: Default is Normal. You can can select from the drop down or can press Enter and type the Account Type and Enter to select.
  • Date of Birth: Clients date of birth
  • Enter any Alternate name and Type that the owner may use.  Select New Alternate Name if there are multiples.
  • Once finished you may Submit which saves the client and takes you back to the previous screen.  If you need to add a patient select Submit & Add Patient to go to a patient addition screen.

Adding a New Patient 

Note: Fields in red are required.

  • Begin by entering the patient name then complete the rest of the patient information entry. (VERIFY proper spelling.)
    • Important: Verify Proper spelling of the patient name.  If you make a mistake you cannot fix it and must email medical records. (
    • Tip: Be sure to tab through the field versus using enter. 
  • Lookup of Breed, Color or Sex: You can press enter when on these fields, type 3 or more characters and press enter and you will have selection box


  • Patient Age Years, Patient Age Months, Patient Age Weeks, Patient  Age Days 
    • If the actual birth is not known but the owner says 4 1/2 years, you can type 4 in the Patient Age Years field and 6 in the Patient Age Months and tab to the Patient birth and it will calculate and auto fill back 4 1/2 years from today's date. 
    • If known you can just enter the birth date YYYY-MM-DD (Example: January 1st, 2019 would be entered as 2019-01-01)
  • MR#: Enter the Medical Record Number to be assigned. 
  • Referring Vet(rDVM): Use the blue magnifying glass to lookup a partial name and display additional information such as address to further verify the correct rDVM.
    • Important: It is very important to pick the correct rDVM or records will be sent to the wrong rDVM.
    • You will NOT, come back to this screen to update rDVM information. That should be done on the registration screen OR contact Medical Records with the update.


  • Chip #:
  • Tatto:
  • Trainer:
  • Insurance Company:
  • Policy #:
  • Comments: 
  • Alerts: Enter the alert verbiage. Select New Alert Row to add additional alerts.
    • Alerts: Use alerts to communicate information about the patient.  For example: pateint bites, agressive dog, etc. F4 to lookup and select.
    • Do not use alerts for important thing regarding the patient or owner that should be updated within their records.
  • Alias: this may be used if the registered name of the pet differs from the commonly used name.  For example: Itsy Bitsy is registered name but the patient is called Bitsy.
  • Submit to save or Submit & Add Patient if another patient needs to be entered.

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