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Vetstar - How to lookup Procedure or Lab Costs

The following article explains how to lookup procedure or lab test costs. It is very important to lookup pricing that includes base fees, taxes, etc. so that the full price is displayed.

Lookup via the "pricing" quick Command (Preferred Method of Lookup)

1. From the Vetstar Home screen type pricing and press enter.

2. Enter the Client or F4 to search


3. F4 to search for the Procedure Name and enter your Quantity and Visit Type

Note:  The the price for a quantity of 1 is $45.90 below but the search screen above it says $15. 

This particular test has a base cost of $30 plus $15 each on every test AND it is taxed.  

  • The cost for one (1) test is $45.90.  This includes $30 base + $15 each test + $.90 tax  **Example below**
  • The cost for two (2) test is $61.20. This includes $30 base + $30 ($15ea x 2) + $1.20 tax*Example below** 



Lookup via the "req" Quick Command

1. From the Vetstar Home screen ensure you have the client/patient selected and type req and press enter.

2. Select +New This Patient and enter the Contact Clinician


3. Select the proper Procedure List


4. Select the proper Procedure and you will see the price

5. Select Information and read the info about pricing


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