Vetstar - Ordering Imaging Studies using the Radiology Information System (RIS)

The following instructions explain how to request a RIS order.

Video Training Link: Ordering Imaging Studies via the RIS

1. Ensure that you have the correct patient located in Vetstar

2. From the home screen type riso in the command line and hit. (You may also select the RIS Orders button within the Charge Screen.)


3. Select the New This Patient button


4. Select the Loc'n: (location) button in the upper left and enter VMSC (this is a required field)

5. Weight can be entered if not already done.

6. Select the desired Modality; open a window (F4) to see all modalities. (CT, MRI, NM, LA Rads, SA Rads, US)

7. This will populate a list of available body areas of study on the right side of the screen.

8. The Priority field will default to inpatient; when appropriate, you may change to intra-op, or outpatient.

9. Enter a short Exam Reason and hit enter. (Note: The box looks like a drop down but we do not use the drop down feature. (type your reason with free form text.)

10. Enter the Doctor ordering the study, you may open a window (F4) and search by name if needed.

11. At Contact, enter your name and number or the vet tech and phone number.

12. Prior Radiographs, can be checked if you know there prior rads.

13. Order comments will open automatically and you should filled out the for completely. 

  • For CTs and MRs ensure that you have radiologist approval and indicate With or Without Contrast.

14. When finished, select Save

15. To select the areas of study, double click on each area.


Multiple areas may be selected on one order


  1. Select the area(s) of interest and when ready, click the Submit button on the right side of the screen.
  2. Enter the supervising faculty when prompted and select Submit. 
  3. The status of your order will turn to Pending.
  4. If you wish to submit an order for the same patient but for a different modality, you may use the copy order button. This will create a new order but copy all contact information and order comments so you don’t have to retype the information.

What Happens After You Submit a RIS Order

Note: As the study is performed you may access the RIS order screen to see the status of the study and its related reports.

  1. After submission, the imaging technicians will review and approve the order. This will change the status to Approved. 
  2. When the test is ready to be run the imaging technical will change the status to In Process
  3. When the test is complete the imaging technical will change the status to Complete and add charges to the client account based upon the area of interest you requested.
  4. Imaging reports will be viewable in the emr screen, and may be sent utilizing the SEND function like all other medical record information in Vetstar.

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