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Travel Request App - Workflow Detail and All Functions

Information for individuals wanting more detail regarding the K2 Travel Request App. Includes details on the workflow routing, functions of the K2 app, and additional information for requesters, approvers and travel processers.
Workflow Overview

The K2 app uses a Workflow tool to advance the form through various stages.  The workflow contains objects for approval steps, sending emails and automatically updating form information such as status.  The workflow contains both branching and circular logic; the later due to the option to return for rework to the submitter.  A general overview of the workflow is as follows.

  1. Submission by traveler.
  2. Email notice to EEO if the request includes consulting.
  3. Approval step - Supervisor
  4. Route to Grants, Finance, both or neither depending on selections.
  5. Approval step - Grants
  6. Approval step - Finance
  7. Route to Department Head
  8. Approval step - Department Head (auto approve if Supervisor is Dept Head)
  9. Route to Dean if International Travel
  10. Approval step - Dean (auto approve if Supervisor is Dean)
  11. Email notice to BSC and Employee of approved request
  12. Send traveler reminder 5 days after end of trip to turn in receipts.
  13. Route to Traveler if returned for rework or denied.
  14. Rework Approval step - Traveler (update request or cancel if denied or no longer valid)

Screenshot travel workflow

Screenshot travel workflow

  • Department Head Edit:  Change the department head for a request (one off).
    • The Department Head email is automatically assigned when the Department is selected.  It may be an individual or a list.  If routing needs to be temporarily changed for an urgent request due to vacation or other reason, the email in the Department Head Email can be replaced.
  • Funding Balanced Check:  Feature check funds match expected expenses.  The funding tab has an Unfunded Amount ($) calculation to determine if the costs and available funding match.
  • Additional final destination:  A single travel request can be put in for trip with multiple destinations.    
  • Extended/frequent travel:  The Advancement team is authorized to put in a single form to cover several travel events in a given period.  The request should outline the period of travel being approved.
  • Supervisor email field:  Accepts Last Name, First Name form if exact, otherwise use full email.  If unknown use directory:
  • Workflow Comments:  Requester Comments and Rework Comments can be viewed by the travel requester.  All other comments on tab 5 can only be see by approvers (not the traveler)
  • International Travel:  When international traveler is selected, instructions for Travel Insurance appear.  Click on the links for further instructions.  International travel requests are all routed to the Dean.
  • Travel Extension:  It is permissible to extend travel before or after work travel.  However if more than one day different, Comparative Travel Expenses need to be uploaded to confirm that the cost to the University is not higher than if you had travelled just on the needed business days.  Consult the Business Service Center at for more information.
  • Purchasing:  If the traveler is purchasing themselves they need to indicate funding methods.  If they BSC is assisting with travel arrangements, they will receive a notice.  If using Personal Funds, additional information will come up about self-booking.  Use of the iTravel Online Self-Booking Tool is encouraged for all travel.
  • Purpose of Trip:  The check boxes for Purpose of Trip will cause only the required information to appear.  Complete all boxes that appear and use an N/A if any are not applicable.
  • Justification:  Select Employee Type and then select one more of the common justifications codes.  The University must record and confirm a valid justification for all travel.  If an appropriate code does not exist, use the Other Justification field.
  • Host/Sponsor Funding:  When the host is paying for part of your travel, it is necessary to complete and upload the Ethics form.  A link and attach file field will appear if this is selected.
  • Returned for Rework:  See Travel Request App - Quick Start for more details on the rework feature.  
  • Drafts:  Once the Save button is hit a Draft is created and the traveler receives an email with a link to their draft.  They can also view all their drafts from the Navigation screen under MyDrafts.  See Travel Request App - Quick Start for additional info.
Routing Logic for Grants and Finance
  • Driven by "Funding Type" on first tab
    • If "1" then is Grant Funded and reviewed by Grants, and auto approved by Finance (no review)
    • If "2" or "3" then is Routed to Finance for review
    • Grants has the option to Route to Finance if traveler marked as "1", but Finance needs to review it.
Screenshot grants and finance workflow

Routing Logic if reporting to Department Head, Dean or Provost
  • If reporting directly to Dept Head, Dean or Provost, these selections prevent approvers from having to approve two or three times.
Screenshot routing

Travel Request App Navigation Page Functions
  • Viewing Completed Forms - MyApproved, MyRequests, AdminMySupervised, View an Approved Request, See All My Requests, My Staff All Requests, All Completed Requests (Admin)
  • Checking the Status of a Form - MyDrafts, MyRequests
  • Using the K2 Workspace - K2 Dashboard

Screenshot navigation

Generating a PDF of a Completed Form
  • Must be in 8. Complete status
  • Must have permission to view the completed form
screenshot create PDF

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