SANDI - Features & Fixes Release Notes

The following will list all newly added SANDI Features and Issue Fixes. It will be updated with every new update pushed into production.

List of Implemented SANDI Features and Fixes

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Issue #Report DateClose DateModuleIssue DescriptionReported byIssue Release Notes
44110/1/2110/21/21Appointment SchedulerThe search criteria drop down boxes used to have an "x" for clearing, but it is gone. Can these be reinstated?
Kim WinegardnerThe "x" for clearing is now functioning properly.
4219/27/2110/21/21Patient Dashboard
Display patient weight in lbs and kgs on Patient Dashboard.
Kellie GardThis has been implemented.

Patient Dashboard
When looking at the rDVM info showing on the patient dashboard, when a specific doctor is listed, it doesn't provide their phone.
Michelle Jaeger
This has been resolved.
44110/1/2110/19/21Appointment Scheduler
Search criteria drop down boxes need an "x" for clearing.
Kim WinegardnerSearch criteria boxes now have an X to allow individual selections to be cleared.
Appointment Scheduler
Available appt grid needs more visible separation.
Michelle Jaeger

This has been resolved.
2827/23/2110/19/21Department Worklist
Click on Patient name and go to the patient dashboard.
Michelle Jaeger
This ability has been added to the Department Worklists.
224 & 2737/22/2110/19/21Department Worklist
Add ability to specify that Charges were reviewed by/per service.
Dr. Hague & Michelle JaegerAbility to mark charges reviewed and patient ready to go home added to Department Worklists.

464NA10/18/21Patient DashboardAbility to Add Patient from patient search when no patients exist.
NAThis has been added to the Patient Dashboard Search.
46010/14/2110/18/21Patient Registration
Referring Vet search: 2408 (for no referring) no longer comes up automatically.
Carol MathisThis has been resolved.
45910/12/2110/18/21Appointment Scheduler
Need ability to select scheduled appointment from the Patient Dashboard and have it open up the patients appointment directly.
NAThis has been added to Edit Appointment.
Department Worklist
Inpatients are not all blue and noted with an (I) in the worklist.
Rachel DorneyWorklists In-Patients now have an (I) behind their name. All Patients are now "clickable" and go to the Patient Dashboard if selected.
Appointment Scheduler
Appointment that is no longer in Vetstar is still showing in Sandi.
Nick ColvinThis issue has been resolved.
Patient Master
Show inactive rDVMs but shade them differently.
Michelle JaegerInactive rDVMs are greyed out and unselect able.
Patient Dashboard

rDVM not showing when it is populated in MR (same with rDVM phone)
Michelle JaegerNew search created to include primary and visit rDVM, with phone numbers, and are listed on the patient dashboard.
614/12/2110/15/21Patient Dashboard
Ability to edit patient AlertsNAThis has been added to Patient Alerts.
Referring vet searchesrDVM does not show enough unique information.
Amanda Amdor
Emily Rolson Carol Mathis
More identifying data has been added to the search results to match those in Vetstar

44810/6/2110/14/21Appointment Scheduler
Wording for #Next Available confusing. Date Override also confusing.
NAWording has been updated.

45610/11/2110/12/21Patient Dashboard
 Appointment box should show section.
NAThe section now appears.
4229/27/2110/12/21Department WorklistChange color of the little checkmark for review/finalize tabs.
Kellie GardThe color of the boxes is now much darker.

3639/17/2110/11/21Patient MasterWhen looking up rDVM, have inactive account greyed out/un-selectable.Amanda Amdor Michelle JaegerSearch shows inactive accounts in a very light gray.
3579/15/2110/11/21Patient MasterWhen adding patient the rDVM search not providing enough detail.Michelle JaegerThe search now returns practice, name, city, state and phone.

43710/1/2110/8/21Appointment Scheduler Appt scheduler should pull the client/patient info from the dashboard for appointments.NAThis has been implemented. Ensure that you select the arrow to the right of the Appointment box on the Patient Dashboard.
43610/1/2110/8/21Appointment SchedulerAvailable appointments are too hard to see.  Michelle JaegerOpen slots are now green.
4259/28/2110/8/21Patient MasterMake Patient DOB red as it is a required field.Michelle JaegerThis has been implemented.
4169/27/2110/8/21Client MasterPrimary phone not showing when adding a patient.Michelle JaegerThis should work properly now.
4029/24/2110/8/21VariousAdd asterisk and bold to required fields to assist with color blind user accessibility.Kim WinegardnerFields have been changed to bolded Red with an asterisk.

45110/6/2110/7/21Patient RegistrationFarms registration does not populate with a count of 1.Carol MathisThis has been implemented.
44910/6/2110/6/21Appointment SchedulerRemove the advanced button and always display Include Days.NAThis has been implemented.
44710/6/2110/6/21Appointment SchedulerThe clear button is not clearing the grid below the submit box now. (It used to work.)NAThis should work properly now.
44610/6/2110/6/21Appointment SchedulerWhen searching for Next available appointments, do not show as RedNAThis should work properly now.
44510/5/2110/5/21Department WorklistAdd IMC Worklist and Appointments Broadcast ScreenNAThis has been implemented.

44410/5/2110/5/21Department WorklistAdd Urgent Care Worklist and Appointments Broadcast ScreenNAThis has been implemented.

4309/29/2110/6/21Patient DashboardResize Temp Acct Notes & Pat Alerts, Move Appointments to that line.NAThis has been implemented.
4269/28/2110/7/21Patient DashboardPatient Dashboard Balance Issues.Amber Tatnall &   Linh NguyenThis should work properly now.

4249/28/2110/1/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Hospitalization charges not being charged overnight jobs.Jeanice WiardThis should work properly now.
4199/27/2110/1/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Charges disappearing on discharge via SANDI.Carol Mathis & Kim ByrneThis should be showing patient selection now.
4159/27/2110/7/21Patient DashboardBalances Differ between SANDI and Vetstar.Amber TatnallThis should work properly now.
4139/24/2110/1/21Appointment SchedulerWhat goes in this 'patient' that is red? Nothing comes up when I type or enter.Carol MathisThis should be showing patient selection now.
4129/24/2110/6/21Appointment Scheduler

Orthopedic appointments blocked off in Vetstar but they show up as open in SANDI.Kellie GardThis should be showing patient selection now.
4089/24/2110/6/21Appointment Scheduler

Appointments not showing/filling open slot.Nick ColvinThis should work properly now.
4079/24/2110/6/21Appointment Scheduler

Besides using the exact MR# in “Advanced” drop down menu, there is no way to know for sure we are adding the correct patient.Nick ColvinThis should work properly now.
4069/24/2110/1/21Appointment SchedulerAuto apply patient to appointment slot.Nick ColvinThis should work properly now.
3679/17/2110/1/21Patient RegistrationThere is no registration template for LAC Teaching.Carol MathisResearch and Teaching templates have been added.

4119/24/219/24/21Appointment SchedulerCan you please put this in normal time, 1:00p 2:00p, etc.Carol MathisThis should work properly now.
4109/24/219/24/21Appointment SchedulerThe Search Criteria drop downs “x” does not seem to clear the field.NAThis should work properly now.
4099/24/219/24/21Appointment SchedulerNeed a clear button to clear search selectionsNAClear button has been added.
Patient RegistrationVisit reason and doctor is not auto-populating in registration like it does in Vetstar.Kim WinegardnerThis should work properly now.

3999/23/219/23/21Patient MasterNot all rDVM accounts showing in search.Kim WinegardnerThis should work properly now.

3909/22/219/23/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Some of the doctors in the drop down menu do not work here anymore.Kim ByrneThis does not appear to be an issue with SANDI, nor Vetstar. The doctors are active in both. This is likely because the doctors in question were never Exited from the college or HIS was not notified of their departure.  Please email anytime you find departed doctors and include their names.
3899/22/219/23/21Patient RegistrationMake Referring Vet in Registration Required.Emily Rolson & Michelle JaegerrDVM is now required during registration.
3849/22/219/23/21Patient DashboardDischarge Worklist -Discharge Button.NAThis should work properly now.
3789/22/219/23/51Patient DashboardBalances, looks like over $1,000, showing $NaN.Kara AtkinsThis should work properly now.

3689/20/219/23/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Unable to edit cost of item with 0 dollar cost when added.Carol MathisThis should work properly now.
3649/17/219/23/21Patient DashboardTake Payment does nothing in Pat Dash and Discharge Worklist.Amana FoltzThis should work properly now.
3639/17/219/23/21Patient MasterWhen looking up rDVM, have inactive account greyed out/unelectable.Michelle JaegerThis should work properly now.

3689/20/219/21/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Unable to edit cost of item with 0 dollar cost when added.Carol MathisThis should work properly now.
3669/17/219/21/21Patient RegistrationSet patient count auto fill as ‘1’ Carol MathisPatient count now autofill's to 1.
3629/17/219/21/21Patient MasterUnder rDVM add the ability to search by phone.
This is now available via  magnifying glass search function for rDVM.
3619/17/219/21/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Discounts not calculating properly in charges.Kim KnapThis should work properly now.
Patient MasterAdding Patient, referring vet lookup not functioning properlyMichelle Jaeger

1. You can now press enter when searching.

2. The drop downs are just like Vetstar -- they do not show the address, etc. 

3. The magnifying glass search function can be used for detailed searches that include more identifying information.

3559/15/219/21/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)1. Open visit prompt within Rx entry not working.
2. Label print options need updated when filling Rx.
3. Unable to print address label to Zebra printer.
4. Once the label is gone from the pharmacy worklist.
Dr. Forsythe1. This should work properly now.
2. Fill/Print option added.
3. Rx on patient page now lets you print a label.
4. Rx History now has a label option to reprint.
3378/30/219/21/21RIS(Backend Update) Acquire all data fields to being RIS buildNAData points acquired

3609/16/219/17/21VisitsCoord Dr is different in SANDI vs. Vetstar.Amber TatnallThis should work properly now.
3599/16/219/17/21Client Master-Primary phone number only shows up in 'cell' phone field in VetStar. This will be an issue for printing labels- labels print the number listed in the 'home' phone field (that's my understanding at least).Amber Tatnall

Primary phone is cell phone.

If only a primary phone is entered, home phone and cell phone will both be primary phone number.

3579/15/219/17/21Patient MasterAdding Patient, referring vet lookup not functioning properly.Michelle Jaeger
This should work properly now.
3549/14/219/17/21Patient DashboardCSR Resources: Remove Remind (WMC)Kim ByrneThis has been removed.
3479/9/219/17/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)When printing lablel "rxl" the pharmacy printer does not appear.Dr. ForsytheThis should work properly now.

Some fills on the flz label are not working:
*ra and *rt

NAThis should work properly now.
2967/26/219/17/21Exams & FormsFollow up Note not populating data in headerDr. ReinhartThis should work properly now.

3539/14/219/14/21Charges & ProceduresUnable to add OTC drug charges (no visit type)Dr. ForsytheThis should work properly now.
3529/13/219/14/21Dispensary WorklistAbility to reset problem/issues status of a prescriptionDr. ForsytheThis should work properly now.
3519/13/219/14/21NA(Backend update)issue with PAT_PENDING_PRES_NUMBER check. NAThis is now resolved.
3499/13/219/14/21Patient RegistrationPatient labels not printing during checkingChelsy PoliteLabels should now print.
3489/9/219/14/21Dispensary WorklistDelete button on Rx Worklist not functioning.Dr. ForsytheThe delete button should now function properly.
3409/2/219/14/21Charges & ProceduresCannot lookup a charge by codeDenise WeberThis should work properly now.
3399/2/219/14/21Patient DashboardPatient Dropdown - Prints a regular patient label, not a client address label.Amber TatnallThis should work properly now.
3378/30/219/14/21NA(Backend update) Populate API for RIS itemsNAItems updated
3228/3/219/14/21Dispensary WorklistAbility to view Rx Worklist items and hide Dr. Worklist items.Dr. ForsytheOnly dispensary items show on the Rx Worklist now.
3047/27/219/14/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Ability to exclude drugs from procedure searchNAThis is now implemented.
3027/27/219/14/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)We need to be able to see the current inpatients show up on the worklists in blue.Dr. ForsytheThis is now implemented.
2867/23/219/14/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Need the ability to reprint a prescription label after it has already been filledDr. ForsytheWe can now print labels directly with the prescription number. You can currently print the labels from the Pharmacy Review Worklist.
2807/23/219/14/21Department WorklistsAdd (I) for inpatient with proper color (blue) for inpatientsMichelle JaegerThis is now implemented.
2707/19/219/14/21Charges & Procedures

Select charges/PH, Yes to pop-up to  register the visit, and clicking  “add charge” does not do anything.

Stephanie CampThis should now be resolved.
2697/19/219/14/21Charges & ProceduresWithin charges lookup the price of the code is not populating. (All say zero)Natalie LamphierPrices are now populating.
2195/5/219/14/21Exams & FormsProperly show differences between items being a draft/verifiedNAThis is now implemented.
624/12/219/14/21Patient DashboardProc History box not showing all past procedures.NAPast information is now showing in the Charges/Procedure Hx box.
494/12/219/14/21VisitsNeed ability to close visits.NAYou an close via the Patient Dashboard by selecting the Visit dropdown, choose Status and then select Close Visit.
204/9/219/14/21Printing Labels, Invoice, Statement, ReportsReport RP_QYCOM Showing incorrect dataMichelle Jaeger

2997/27/219/9/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)The void button doesn’t seem to work to remove things from the worklistDr. Forsythe

Fix implemented.
2847/23/219/9/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)When entering a script, if you type the times per day, then click to move to the next field enter the days supply, and the click to move to the total, it does not do the auto calculations, however if you enter through the field it will calculate. This could create issues. If should calculate whether you click or enter through.Natalie Lamphier

A calculate button has been added to the right of the total field  that can be clicked to recalculate.
2787/22/219/9/21VariousShow Menu: if you click on Show Menu you have not way to Hide the MenuNAAbility to Hide Menu has been implemented. (Example within Exams / Forms Menu)
2787/22/219/9/21Department WorklistList the MR# on the department worklistsMichelle JaegerThe MR# has been added to the Department Worklists.
2185/21/219/9/21Patient RegistrationTitle change to fields.NAType of Registration is now "Registration Template"
Reason is now "Visit Reason"

3338/23/219/1/21Patient DashboardAdd CSR links to external web sites/applications.Emily Rolson
Client Services
Implemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the newly created CSR Resources dropdown.
3318/12/219/1/21NA(Backend update)  Fix issue with clinic name pull in the backend.NAThis is resolved.
3308/10/219/1/21VisitsAbility to admit and out patients.Client ServicesImplemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the Visit dropdown Status.
3298/10/219/1/21VisitsAbility to reopen a closed visit.Client ServicesImplemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the Patient dropdown Status.
3288/10/219/1/21Printing Labels, Invoice, Statement, ReportsAbility to print address labels without registering a patient.Client ServicesImplemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the Patient dropdown Print.
3278/10/219/1/21Printing Labels, Invoice, Statement, Reports

Ability to print check-in sheet without registering a patient.Client ServicesImplemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the Patient dropdown Print.
3157/30/219/1/21Exams & FormsNeed a way to immediately indicate that a report has been sent.Dr. PavlovskyThe page now reloads the sections after you send so recently sent appears.
3087/27/219/1/21Printing Labels, Invoice, statement, ReportsNeed ability to print client address labels.Dr. ForsytheImplemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the Patient dropdown Print.
3047/27/219/1/21Charges & Procedures (Non Rx)Exclude drugs from non Rx procedure searchNAThis has been implemented.
2957/26/219/1/21Worklists RxNeed ability to see the current inpatients on the worklists. 
This has been implemented.
2947/26/219/1/21Patient Dashboard(Backend update) Update patient weight data retrieval NAThis has been implemented.
2607/19/219/1/21Exams & FormsWhen printing a draft discharge report and selecting "final report view" instead of "draft report view," and then declined to finalize the report and hit cancel, the "submit" button was greyed out, even after making changes to the document.Dr. SomrakThis has been fixed/implemented.

2577/19/219/1/21Exams & FormsDraft watermark needs to be more subtle.Dr. SomrakThis has been implemented.
2557/12/219/1/21Exams & FormsNeed ability to view a report without the need to select send and chose recipient.Michelle JaegerThis has been implemented.
964/13/219/1/21Printing Labels, Invoice, statement, reportsNeed agility to print invoice (state).Client ServicesImplemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the Client dropdown.
504/12/219/1/21Patient RegistrationAllow date entry as mmddyy and convert to value yyyy-mm-dd.NAThis has been reviewed by the VTH Directors Office and we were advised to implement as mmddyyyy.   The user will need to enter the full year and not two numbers .
484/12/219/1/21Exams & FormsNeed ability to reprint invoice after visit is closed.Client ServicesImplemented and can be accessed via the Patient Dashboard under the Client dropdown.
274/9/219/1/21Templates Fix formatting of flz template.NAThis is resolved.

2797/23/218/9/21Various SANDI ScreensTimeout in various screens - searches, selections and other actions do nothing due to inactivity/timeout.Dr. ForsytheTimeouts should no longer occur.
3177/30/218/9/21Patient MasterPhone numbers allowed under multiple clients.Amanda AmdorVendor has fixed this issue.

2175/5/218/4/21Patient DashboardSpecies needs to be displayed.NASpecies has been added to the Patient section on the Patient Dashboard.
2587/19/218/4/21Exams & FormsNo indication that SANDI is autosaving.Amy SomrakAutosave notification is now displayed in Exams & Forms.
2987/26/218/4/21Charges & Procedures (Rx)Remaining refills and days supply not being shown properly on the details modal on the rx/dr worklist.  Dr. ForsythThis is now properly displayed.
3167/30/218/4/21Patient Dashboard: Add new PatientSANDI allows patient to be added multiple times.Jill Stillabower Amanda AmdorThis should no longer be allowed.
3248/3/218/4/21Patient  RegistrationDoctor Role is not auto populating as it does in Vetstar.Chelsy Polite
Kim Byrne
This has been resolved in SANDI.

2416/14/217/30/21Exams & FormsCannot copy/paste by right clicking and choosing paste.Michelle Jaeger Dr. PavlovskyYou can now right click and paste.
NANA7/29/21Patient DashboardNew Feature: Ability to add weight 
Select Weight in the Patient Information box to view weight history graph and add weight.
2336/14/20217/29/2021Charges & ProceduresChange description name of Procedure List.N/AThe button now says Procedure Packages.
2887/23/20217/29/2021Charges & Procedures (Rx)Change Dosage Quantity to Quantity per Dose on Rx Entry Screen.Dr. ForsythThis had been changed.
2897/23/20217/29/2021Charges & Procedures (Rx)a. Change How Administered to say Where Administered.
 B. Change Drop down options to be: Hospital and Out of Hospital (Default should be Out of Hospital.).
Dr. ForsythThis had been changed.
2005/5/20217/29/2021CommunicationsCreate a report of all communications like in Vetstar.N/AThis is now available on the Communication Log screen.
2527/7/20217/29/2021CommunicationsUnable to delete.N/AThe delete button within the Communication log now works.
255 7/12/2021In ProgressExams & FormsAbility to view a report without having to pick a Send option first.Michelle Jaegera. If you want to see the discharge report, you can go to the Visit tab on the Patient Dashboard.
 b. If you want to see an exam item, you can click on the eye button (which will also list the visit reports).
2617/19/20217/29/2021Exams & FormsCopy/Paste issues, weird text line lengths and spontaneously changing font sizes.Dr. Reinhart
 Dr. Somrak
When pasting it will now strip all formatting and paste only the plain text.
2627/19/20217/29/2021Exams & FormsEnable Mac Commands for undo and redo (control/command Z and Y).Dr. ReinhartAll shortcut keys should now work as well as the buttons at the top of the editor.
2637/19/20217/29/2021Exams & FormsView button from the Reports screen not working for lab work.  Dr. Reinhart
 Natalie Lamphier
No longer showing a view icon which matches the same functionality in Vetstar.
2647/19/20217/29/2021Exams & FormsAdd ability to change line spacing within the Editor.Dr. ReinhartThis has been added.
2657/19/20217/29/2021Exams & FormsAdd a medical dictionary.Dr. ReinhartThis has been added.
2977/26/20217/29/2021Exams & FormsAdd exam should default to open visit.
When choosing Add Form it will auto select an open visit if one exists.
2095/5/20217/29/2021Patient DashboardMake Temporary Account Notes sortable.N/AThere are not sort options on all columns in the Temporary Account Notes on the Patient Dashboard.
2466/17/20217/29/2021Patient DashboardIncrease the number of visits that are visible in the Visits box.N/ASet to show 200 Visits.
2517/7/20217/29/2021SendIn-person PDF not displaying.N/AThe PDF now displays properly.
3097/23/217/29/2021Charges & Procedures (Rx)

Dr. Jessica Rx filled in SANDI doesn’t show up on the VetStar tab that shows all scripts filled.

Dr. ForsythThis will now show on the VetStar tab that shows all scripts filled. 
3107/23/217/29/2021Charges & Procedures (Rx)When selecting to pin/fill button an item on the doctor worklist that was shown on the pharmacy worklist, it didn’t appear to do anything.  Dr. ForsythButtons have been updated as per our discussion. (There There is no pin/fill button.)  HIS was is now  able to pin and then fill items as expected.

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