EMS Approving EMS Space and Resource Requests

Instructions for approving a space request submitted through the EMS Reservation application.
Instructions - Approving a Request thru Dashboard

  1. Login into EMS (Figure 1)
  2. Select the appropriate database if you access more than 1.
    1. File
    2. Change Database
    3. Select and Connect (Figure 2)
  3. Select the Dashboard icon (Figure 3)
  4. Select Everyday User Reservation (Figure 4)
    1. If not visible, enable visibility under “Options” on Dashboard (Figure 4)
    2. Filter results on Status Requested (Figure 4)
  5. Double click on the row which you want to review (Figure 5), or select and click Goto
  6. View User Defined Fields for extra information provided by requester (Figure 6)
  7. Go back to Reservation Summary and select Change Status (Figure 7)
  8. Change to Reserved (if approved) or Cancelled (if denied)  (Figure 8).  Select Next.
  9. Select Finish it changing all, or select/unselect if only changing status of some rows on the reservation booking request.
  10. Send confirmation screen will pop-up.  Select the Setup appropriate (Figure 9)
  11. Click email and edit your message as desired (Figure 10).  Hit send.  You will get message that it completed.
  12. Close the Confirmation window.  Close the Change Booking Status Results Window.  Close the Navigator window.  You should now be back to the Dashboard and can work on the next reservation request.
Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Instructions - Approving a Request thru Reservation Book

This method does not allow you to see User Defined Fields (the additional questions asked the submitter).

  1. Click Reservations > Reservations > Reservation Book  (Figure 1)
  2. Double click on the reservation you want to review.  Yellow are Requested but not reserved (Figure 2)
  3. Click Edit (Figure 3)
  4. Change Status (Figure 3)
  5. Hit ok.
  6. Click Confirmation to send a note to the requester (This is the same as Confirmations through the Dashboard)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

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