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Conference Room LAC 250

Overview of the LAC 250 conference room capabilities, use and troubleshooting.


This conference room has a large main TV display with two smaller TV displays for team based learning or breakouts.  The main display has a computer behind it that is used with a wireless keyboard and mouse.  The computer is also connected to a soundbar with integrated microphone and camera for video conferences.  The main display can be duplicated to the other two TVs in the room, those TVs do not have their own computers.  The room can also be for bring your own devices wireless presentation, or casting, to the TVs from a laptop or mobile device.  The device casting can only cast to one TV at a time, however all three TVs can be connected to a different casting device.

Turning on the System

The TVs are all controlled through a single TV remote.  The in room computer should already be on (if not, see below).  

  1. Turning on the main TV (South):
    1. Turn on the TV with remote
    2. Switch modes with remote input button
      1. COMPUT - Use the in room computer
      2. WIRELSS - Cast from a laptop or device to the TV
      3. Screen Mirroring - not supported
  2. Turning on the other TVs (West and North)
    1. Turn on the TV with the remote
    2. Switch modes with the remote input button
      1. Computer Behind Big Screen - Mirrors the computer from the main TV
      2. Wireless Solstice Pod - Cast from a laptop or device to the TV

To use the Computer

Turn on the main TV, select correct input (per above), login to computer, cast to the two smaller TVs if desired.

To use Wireless Presentation

Turn on desired TV, change the correct input (per above), follow on screen instructions or see this document for detailed instructions:  [Link TBD]

Video Conferencing

  1. Turn on the main TV and login into the computer
  2. Start Zoom or desired conferencing software
  3. The system should use automatically use the desired mic and camera, but to confirm the correct ones are selected:
    1. Camera:  Huddle IQ camera 
    2. Microphone:  Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Crestro-UC-Soundbar)
    3. Speaker:  Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Crestro-UC-Soundbar)

[Room Diagram]

Other Room Features

  1. White wall speakers:  For improved sound when playing instructional videos, these speakers can be used in PC mode (default speakers for the computer) – Sony TV *00 output

  2. USB stick:  To connect a USB thumb drive to pull up files during a class or meeting, insert directly into the computer (lower left).


  1. Technical Overview of the system
    1. Soundbar connected through USB
    2. 1x4 HDMI distribution amplifying takes computer HDMI output to all three TVs. Behind large TV
    3. Transmitter behind south TV connected to 1x4 and sends computer HDMI to West and North TVs to Crestron receivers that encode back into HDMI.
    4. [Technical Diagram]
  2. Blank Screen - Computer is Off
    1. Issue:  Blank screen / no input when computer is selected is input mode.
    2. Solution:  Ensure the computer is on....

  3. Camera Troubleshooting
    1. Issue: Black screen
    2. Solution:  The camera has no shutter, but occasionally does not initialize.  To reinitialize...

  4. Manual Power:
    1. South TV does have a power button on the lower left (hold middle of three to turn on) if remote fails.  Tapping the middle button when on will change the input.
    2. Get batteries from AV.
    3. West and North have a single power botton middle center below Sony symbol.  Can also change input.

  5. White Wall speakers:  
    1. Issue:  No sound
    2. RussTV amplifier takes audio output from the computer to the two “Sony TV *00” speakers.  If no sound, check the RussTV power switch.  White dot should be down.

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