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Home and Shared Drives

The college provides home and shared drives that are high availability spinning disks for safe storing of all research, administrative and teaching data. These drives are backed up nightly to an offsite repository.

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Home Drives

Faculty and staff have access to a home drive.  All home drives are connected directly to a PC with a drive letter of H:.  This drive is only accessible by the individual owner. Home drives are currently located here :  


Shared Drives

Shared drives are connected directly to a PC with drive letters such as S: L: etc.  Data should be saved directly to the appropriate location.  For example, S:\johndoelab\projectxxx\reports\mydocument.docx.
What we call "Lab Shares" are simply a shared drive area for Faculty use.  The Faculty specify who can access their shared locations.  Lab Shares can be used for any research data whether a project is complete or not. Nobody can see that data without permission of the Faculty owner.
If Faculty have administrative appointments, the department can request access to the necessary department office shared spaces.  Data concerning the operations of research programs such as personnel and letters to funding agencies belongs on Lab Shares or the Home drive.  

U of I Box

Faculty can also use for research data. There is no quota with  There are some limitations on what kind of data can be stored there. Find out more here: U of I Box

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