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Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Service removal by Day and Section/Department

Use the instructions to remove entries for an entire section/Department. Use this for Holiday removal.
CAUTION: Be certain you follow instructions precisely or you could remove all calendars for all sections.

  1. Type AM on the command line
  2. Select #1 Maintenance
  3. Select #21 Edit Calendar
  4. Select Edit by:  DATE
  5. Select Modification:  REMOVE
  6. Start Date:  The date you wish to remove
  7. End Date:  Should be the same date
  8. Clinic: SAC
  9. Section:  It is Very important to include the section: Enter the department you wish to remove the date for (Derm, Onco, ZooMed, etc…)
  10. Service:  Leave blank to remove all appointments for the day*
Note: This will remove all at once.EditApptbyDate.jpg

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