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Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Add or Remove a Doctor Name from Bottom of Weekly View

Use these instructions to add or remove a doctor name from bottom of the weekly view.

  1. Type AM on the command line
  2. Select #1 Maintenance                                         
  3. Select #19 Assign Staff by Date (Weekly)
  4. Clinic: SAC
  5. Section: Enter the department the Doctor is on for Client appointments (Derm, Onco, Primary Care, etc…)
  6. Staff: Enter the Doctor code (Example:  JBP = Pieper, Jason B)
  7. Start Date:  Enter the date you are starting with (usually Monday)
  8. Number of Weeks:  Enter how many weeks this Dr needs to be shown
  9. Ending Date:  Once you enter a # of weeks, this fills in automatically
  10. If you are changing only one day – do not enter anything in the Number of weeks and make the End date the same as the Start date
  11. Default Appointment Staff:  Y / N  (entering Y here makes their name appear in RED)

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