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Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Remove a Time Slot

The following instructions explain how to remove a time slot from a schedule

CAUTION: Be certain you follow instructions precisely or you could remove all calendars for all sections.

  1. Type AM on the command line
  2. Select #1 Maintenance
  3. Select #21 Edit Calendar
  4. Select Edit by: TIME (you can do a whole day if you choose DATE here)
  5. At OK? (Y,<Cancel>): type Y
  6. S Select REMOVE
  7. Clinic: SAC
  8. Section:  It is Very important to include the section: Enter the department 0697 for our example
  9. Start Date:  070220 (Enter the Date you want to remove)
  10. End Date:  070220
  11. Enter Start Time: 1130 a (Enter as whole numbers ex: 0900 or 0930 A (am) or P (pm)
  12. Enter End Time: 1130 aRemoveTimeSlot1.jpg
  13. Press enter until the Service Assignment for: screen pops up
  14. F4 to open a Window
  15. Type e in the search and press enter.
  16. Be sure to select exam or surgery(major). Do NOT select Exam with code equexam unless it is for Equine.LookupExamCode.jpg
  17. F3 to save
  18. Enter Y to save at the remaining screens to ensure you save your work.
  19. Check the schedule to ensure the appointment is removed. (If the steps were not followed exactly please retry.

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