Vetstar - Entering Dispensary Charges & Completing a Prescription Request and Label

Below is how to do a prescription.

Prerequisite - Please review Vetstar - Entering Charges for more detail of entering non-dispensary charges. 

Video Link: Entering Dispensary Charges & Completing a Prescription Request and Label

Entering a Prescription

  1. From the Vetstar home screen bring up your patient’s account.
  2. Verify that a visit is open. This will be indicated in the Visit Information area of the HOME screen:
  3. Select 2 Charges button form the menu on the left side of the screen or type 4 in the command line to access the charge screen.
  4. From the Charges screen, press F5 to add or click the Add button in the upper right of the screen.  The Add button should be red when selected and ADD mode will be displayed at the bottom of the screen as shown below.


       5.Once in Add mode type in the item code directly, if you code it, or F4 to open a search Window and search. Use the up/down arrows to highlight the proper procedure and then click Select.

      6. Enter the date the item was dispensed in the Trans (Transaction) Date field. You may enter it as 6 digits (071620 or as "M/D/YY" (7/16/20).

  • Note: It is critically important to ensure the correct date is entered, especially in the event of euthanasia/death of patient as the performing date prints on the invoice that the owner receives.

       7. In our example we are adding Amoxicillin 50MG Tablets.  As depicted below, dispensary items are shaded purple.   


       8. Enter the quantity.  

Note: Some drugs have a minimum dispensing fee which will dictate the minimum charge.


9. The Amount field will automatically be updated to include the price adjusted for quantity and discounts. 

10. Enter the date that the drug was dispensed into the Comp Date(Completion Date)field. 

  • Note: Be sure that it is the date that the drug was actually dispensed (change the default if necessary), to maintain record accuracy and avoid client confusion.

11. The ordering doctor's code is entered into the Sched field as the coordinating doctor on the visit (F4 to open a search window find a different doctor).

12. Enter the performing doctor's code into the Prf field.


13. Enter the doctor code for the supervising faculty member on the patient's case into the supervising faculty field, you may open a window by pressing F4 to search for the faculty if needed. You can always ask a technician if you are unsure of who to add.  Example: Interns/residents have a supervising faculty assigned them. That supervisor should be added here.

14. Press the ENTER key to complete the line and the prescription instruction screen will appear. 

15. We do not use the SIG field, leave it blank

16. Lines 1-4 are free form and will appear on the label as the instructions for the owner.  Be sure to use easy to understand instructions.


17. If you prefer, you can select the instructions button at he left and enter all instructions in the box versus line by line.  It will automatically wrap to the next line on the label.


18. You can also select Additional Instructions if you need more lines to type.

19. At Refills Allowed, enter the number of refills that are allowed for this item. 

20. At Who Administers, select the Owner.

21. At Days Supply enter the number of days for which the item is being filled. 

22. Once complete, select and press enter and you will return to the Inpatient Charge Screen. 

IMPORTANT Note: The prescription has NOT been sent to the Dispensary at at this point. 

23. The prescription goes to the Doctor Worklist.  You will need to notify the doctor that there is a prescription waiting for them to approve/Pin off and then it will go to the dispensary.

24. You will need to give the Dispensary some time to fill it and then you may go pick it up. 

25. You may be presented with the option to print a drug information pamphlet. If you select Verify you will see the information in a Report Viewer screen.  You can then print it if you like or cancel.

Viewing the Doctor Review Worklist

  1. From the Vestar Home screen type rxdoc and enter.  This will show you what drugs are awaiting approval/Pin off by doctor.
  2. The doctor would select Details, review and then Pin off.  It is at this point that the prescription would go to the Dispensary.


Sending Script to Outside Pharmacy

Within the charges screen you can use code RXOUT Outside Pharmacy RX.  This will allow you to fill in the information and print it for the client to take to an outside pharmacy to be filled.


  • The person who is logged into Vetstar when the PIN is initiated will show up as the doctor on the Prescription Inquiry (PM.CXS) screen when you expand the prescription.  The person who authorizes the pin will show up on the pharmacy label when it is printed.