Login Problems with Special NetIDs

This article is about login issues that result from having special NetIDs such as hyphenated NetIDs.


For most users the NetID and Enterprise ID are the same.  However, hyphenated NetIDs for example are not accommodated in all systems.  A decision was made several years that individuals with a hyphenated NetID would be given a separate un-hyphenated Enterprise ID to log to use for those systems that don't accept the hyphenated NetID.


The practical implication is that someone may be able to login into most systems with their hyphenated NetID but will receive an error such as "There is indication that NetID or password provided is incorrect or expired." when trying to login into a System level website such as https://apps.uillinois.edu/selfservice.  This is because that site requires them to enter there Enterprise ID in the NetID field for the SiteMinder login of that site.  When one password is updated but not the other, or they save their passwords within their browser, things can get confusing.


Unfortunately these users will need to know both their NetID and Enterprise ID and the passwords for both.  If they receive an error logging in with their NetID, then they should try their Enterprise ID.  They will have to maintain and update passwords for both on an annual basis using the Identity and Access Management self service site to reset them.  If they've forgotten their Enterprise ID, an IT professional can look it up using the Cerebro tool:  https://cerebro.techservices.illinois.edu/.

The other alternative is they can request a new NetID that does not have a hyphen in it.  If they take this action all emails coming to their hyphenated NetID will be forward to the new one indentitely.  To merge NetIDs or create a new NetID the employee should contact Tech Services via consult@illinois.edu.

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