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Mazevo - Room Reservations Overview

These are instructions for reserving the rooms and resources via Mazevo.


The College of Vet Med has begun pilot of the room reservation software Mazevo.  It is user friendly and also supports having room signs outside the reservable spaces to visually indicate availability and the upcoming schedule in real time.  

The booking request system can be accessed here:

Log into the application with your University email and University password (Shibboleth single sign-on).  If you have followed the instructions below but cannot access the application, contact for assistance.

Rooms are generally reservable 24 hrs, 7 days a week, but some rooms have specific rules.  These will be automatically applied and you will receive warning in the app.  Additional details below. 

Users of the rooms are strongly encouraged to enter a reservation, even if the room is currently available.  This will help us build a healthier culture around use (and sharing) and also also us to better understand conference room utilization and plan for the future.

Rooms Reservable on Mazevo

Currently the following spaces are reservable via Mazevo web app or via the mounted room sign (tablet):
  • Conference Rooms
    • 1262A
    • 1262B
    • 1263B
    • 1263C
    • 1263D
  • Lactation/Reflection Rooms
    • BSB 2645
    • SAC 02*
    • SAC 289
  • Confocal Microscope*
*Currently no room sign.  SAC 02 installation is scheduled, but the Confocal will likely stay online reservation only for now.

Reserving a Room

  • Confocal Microscope - Additional access and training is required for the Confocal before you access reservations.  See full details here:  Mazevo - Confocal Microscope Reservation

  • Lactation/Reflection Rooms - Reservable by anyone, but see additional information here:  Mazevo - Lactation Room Reservation

  • iFlex Conference Rooms - Reservable by anyone, see details below.  To reserve for a recurring class or business need, or more than 1 week in advance, contact for additional reservation options.

Reserving a Conference Room

Rules:  Current automatically applied Conference Room reservation rules (Note: Lactation and Confocal have different rules)
  1. Conference Rooms can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance by any Vet Med student, faculty or staff. 
  2. This is no minimum on how soon before the start time it can be scheduled (if available).
  3. Maximum reservation is currently set at 2 hrs.
  4. Maximum daily hours per requester is 2 hrs.
  5. Rooms can be reserved anytime of day or night.
Method 1:  Scan the QR Code
  1. If located outside the lactation room, scan the QR code outside the room instead of using the login above.  It will look like this (this is an example and for SAC 289 only).

    Event book screenshot
  2. Login in with your email address.  This will redirect you to the University Shibboleth login page (email, password, 2FA).
  3. If prompted to select an Organization, select University of Illinois, Veterinary Medicine.
  4. Enter the Date and Time
  5. Number of People = enter approx whole number
  6. For Event Name, please enter a unique and clear Meeting Name. (Figure 4)
  7. For Event Type, select Conference Room Reservation. (Figure 4)
  8. Select your Organization (Figure 4)
  9. Click Book Room.
  10. Your reservation is complete.
Method 2:  Reserve through Event Book (or see when lactation room will be available) from your Office
  1. Access the reservation system:
  2. From the home screen click on Event Book.
  3. Select Building or select All Buildings.  You can then enter additional search criteria in the Search bar to narrow further.  It will show matching rooms in the Event Book (Figure 2)
  4. Booked reservations show as a green bar.  All other times without the bar are available.
  5. Double click on an available time or click the "+" sign next to Lactation Room to use the quick entry method to reserve the room.

Method 3:  Reserve via Add New Request (best for recurring) from your Office

  1. Login in with your email address.  This will redirect you to the University Shibboleth login page (email, password, 2FA).
  2. If prompted to select an Organization, select University of Illinois, Veterinary Medicine.
  3. Select Add New Request (Figure 3)
  4. For Event Name, please enter unique and clear Meeting Name. (Figure 4)
  5. For Event Type, select Conference Room Reservation. (Figure 4)
  6. Select your Organization, Number of People = enter whole number and hit Next (Figure 4)
  7. Select your start and end time (Figure 5).  You can have it repeat on different frequency under the Repeat option (Figure 6).  You can select multiple dates on the calendar so long as they are all for the same time.
  8. Click Next
  9. Select appropriate Building and Find Rooms (Figure 7)
    1. By default, the form will show Available Rooms.  If a Room is not listed it may already be reserved, click Unavailable Rooms (Figure 8).  You can then Click on the Reason next to the Room to see why it is not available (Figure 9)
  10. Check the box for Lactation Room.  Note:  If Lactation Room does not show up, it is not available during the selected time.
  11. Click Request Room.
  12. Your reservation is complete.
  13. You can add it to your calendar by clicking on the event row, clicking Add to Calendar, then opening the automatically downloaded .ics file.
Tips and Other Help
  1. From the home screen you can see all your bookings under My Events.
  2. For technical problems with the reservation system contact  
  3. To reserve for a recurring class or business need, contact for additional reservation options.
Figure 1 is no longer applicable.
Figure 2:  Event Book
Mazevo home screen screen shot
Figure 3:  Home Screen
Mazevo add new request screen shot
Figure 4:  Event Information - Example only:  Choose Event Type "Lactation Room"
When screen in Mazevo screen shot
Figure 5:  When Screen 
Recurrences screen shot
Figure 6:  Repeat Reservations (Recurrences)
Unavailable rooms screen shot
Figure 7:  Unavailable
Where tab screen shot
Figure 8:  Unavailable Reason
where tab screen shot
Figure 9:  Where
Unavailable reason screen shot

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