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VPN required apps

A list of commonly used Vet Med applications and whether or not they require use of a VPN when you are not on the university campus.

Following assume you are working remotely and do not have access to to the UofI wired network or wireless IllinoisNet.

VPN NOT Required
  1. Skype for Business
  2. Zoom
  3. Outlook desktop app
  4. O365 (Outlook online email)
  5. Box
  6. Google Drive
  7. Echo360
  8. Vet Med intranet
  9. My.VetMed Portal (vacation and sick leave)
  10. AITS Self-Service (timesheets)
  11. Remote Apps (Carestream PACS, Vetstar, VADDS, RaptorMed, SlideHosting) KB Remote Access to PACS, RaptorMed, Q-Pulse, Vetstar, SANDI, Instinct
    1. Note:  Also known as Daisy
  12. SANDI screens only when launched from within Vetstar, VADDS within Remote App
  13. Compass 2G (Blackboard)
  14. Ezyvet
  15. Formbuilder forms (Onboarding Form, Adjustments Form, Event forms, Awards & Scholarships)
  16. WebTools forms (Exit Form)
  17. Formbuilder Admin functions - Production environment
VPN Required
  1. Remoting to a Vet Med computer or server
  2. Accessing network shares/drives
  3. Vetstar*
  4. VADDS*
  5. PACS*
  6. 4D
  7. TEM (Travel/Expense Management)
  8. Banner
  9. EDDIE
  10. Directly accessing a SANDI screen from a web browser bookmark or hyper link 
    1. Note: SANDI is the web based Vetstar or VADDS functions, broadcast and schedule screens, etc
  11. Web Help Desk (ticket system)
  12. Formbuilder Admin Functions - Test environment
  13. K2 Admin Functions - Test environment
  14. SANDI
* Only if locally installed on your computer.  See above regarding accessing these application with Remote App.

Working on WiFi

The following applications require a VPN if working on IllinoisNet WiFi.
  1. Formbuilder Admin Functions - Test environment
  2. K2 Admin Functions - Test environment

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