1. Self Service Software Installation
  2. Office 365 Desktop App Access
  3. Computer & Peripheral Ordering
  4. Office365 Licensing
  5. ClassTech Training Overview for AY21
  6. ClassTech FAQ for AY21
  7. Echo360 Playing Videos
  8. Echo360 In-Class Polls & Activities
  9. Echo360 Student Questions
  10. ClassTech Start of Class
  11. ClassTech Important Changes for AY21
  12. Add a Network Printer
  13. Printer Supply Ordering (Toner, Ribbons, Paper, labels)
  14. Vetstar Password Reset Assistance Locations
  15. Wireless @illinois
  16. R Software
  17. Echo360 Upload lecture to class
  18. International Travel Insurance
  19. Dual Monitors at Home with Remote Computer
  20. Windows and Mac OS X Supported Operating System Versions
  21. Map a Network Drive
  22. Local Administrative Rights Super User (SU) Access
  23. VPN required apps
  24. Working from Home
  25. Echo360 Recording a Lecture
  26. Echo360 Add a new class, add materials
  27. How to install new software to your Windows computer
  28. Echo360 Login
  29. Remote to your work computer from home