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1Vetstar - Entering Charges1040822021-02-013580
2Set up an Out of Office reply via Outlook 365985582024-02-265340
3Vetscapades Event Information1358722024-04-18315
4Echo360 Finding/Viewing a Course990822024-02-263618
5Print Color1352732024-02-07759
6Secure Print1352742024-02-07482
7Lactation Room - Reservation Mazevo1321022023-10-24686
8Teams: Call Answering Rules and Voicemail1287612023-07-271551
9Teams: Skype to Teams Transition Overview1286222023-07-141287
10Teams: Look-up a Phone Number1287792023-06-02780
11Confocal Microscope Room - Reservation Mazevo1272882023-05-041738
12Room LAC 243905632023-03-173400
13Ophthalmology Vet-Eyes Mailbox Email Access842202022-11-013197
14Conference Room LAC 2501185442022-05-131456
15Vetstar - Entering Dispensary Charges & Completing a Prescription Request and Label1080222021-03-262876
16Travel Request App - Workflow Detail and All Functions1089872021-02-173579
17Contact Center Troubleshooting1069752020-11-042820
18SANDI - Visit Information Box Overview1199792023-05-191581
19SANDI - Patient Dashboard (Home Screen)1097612023-05-194199
20SANDI - Radiology Information System (RIS)1177532023-05-192151
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