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1Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Create or Edit Existing Template1033482021-04-163325
2Vetstar - Remove Record Locks1030722021-03-043199
3VADDS - Remove Record Locks1081812021-01-072459
4Local Administrative Rights Super User (SU) Access1007952020-04-173547
5SANDI - Clinical Diagnosis1181132023-05-221503
6Vetstar - Client / Patient Account Lookup and Home Screen Overview1036222021-08-204362
7Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Extending Schedules / Templates1033282021-01-272790
8Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Add Time Slots1033292021-01-273100
9Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Remove an Appointment1043702021-01-212745
10Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Remove a Time Slot1035372020-12-103029
11Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Adding Appointments by Service and Doctor1032822020-06-292624
12Equine Foaling & Large Animal Isolation Cameras889502024-02-23779
13Lactation Room - Reservation Mazevo1321022023-10-24483
14Windows Laptop & 2-in-1 Configuration and Pricing833432023-07-067872
15Confocal Microscope Room - Reservation Mazevo1272882023-05-041101
16Confocal Microscope Room - Reservation EMS1174542023-04-141478
17Windows Desktop Configuration and Pricing835992022-08-265865
18Echo360 Live Session - Classroom Procedure1048172022-02-082841
19Student Gym Reservation1096922021-03-222775
20Travel Request App - Workflow Detail and All Functions1089872021-02-173342
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