Equivalent Pricing for Services

VTH Policy #Bill313

Implementation Date: 07/23/2009 Date of Last Revision: 08/04/2022  Next Review Due: 08/03/2025 
Revised Administrative Team and Section Heads Approval: 03/2013  Reviewed by VTH Board: N/A
Reviewed by Legal Counsel: N/A Revised VTH Section Heads Approval: 02/19/2021

Subject to modification by the VTH Director without approval.


Pricing to clients for equivalent professional procedures, drugs, supplies, and lab tests should be standardized throughout the VTH.


When equivalent services are provided under similar circumstances, clients should be charged the same price regardless of the service area providing the service. A guiding principle for pricing should be that one service area should not undercut another.

Pricing will be standardized across service areas for equivalent procedures, drugs, supplies, and testing performed under similar circumstances. Species differences may be considered when setting prices.

For production food animal-related charges, there may be economic considerations that dictate if a reduced price is appropriate. For food animal species (cattle, sheep, goats, and swine) raised for food and or fiber production, drugs and supplies may be discounted. Professional services should reflect the market value for those services as well as the need to provide teaching opportunities to veterinary students.

For certain in-house laboratory tests performed by students (TP, PCV, Urine specific gravity, etc.), where teaching opportunities arise, the price may reflect hospital supply costs only

Procedure (if applicable)

Pricing of professional procedures and lab tests will be reviewed annually by (TBD by Section Heads). Faculty may be consulted in instances where equivalent services are provided to determine an agreed-upon price. Pricing for drugs and supplies shall be addressed as set forth in Set Pricing for Professional Services, Drugs and Medical Supplies.

Definitions (if applicable)

Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) – The collective clinical services of the Large Animal Clinic, Midwest Equine, the Small Animal Clinic, and the Veterinary Medicine South Clinic.

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