VTH Board Minutes 2/24/22

Attendees: J. Whittington, L. Garrett, D. French, S. Austin, D. Hague, K. Keller, A. Barger, M. Ridgway, S. Camp, N. Lamphier, A. Duncan, S. Keating,

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Vet Tech/Assistant Updates – few open positions, good interest and attendance for Vet Tech open house. Next step is job fair. 
  • Faculty Search Updates – relaunched Dx Imaging (flexible position), ZCA, WL/Zoo, SAIM – applicant, ECC interviewed, Offer to SAS applicant, waiting on LOR for SAS 2nd., LASX –receiving feedback, Cardiology and Neurology are open, UCC –interviewed candidate, LAER open, FA ET – offer pending, SA Ortho – no applicants. We do have a mailing list and email ready to go. Anesthesia search will open, Ophtho – plan for a Non-conforming residency for E. Capistrano as Instructor, Shelter Instructor – L. Frazier
  • VTH Admin – Search is underway to fill vacancy left by Jennifer Kinney (purchasing), discussion with Facilities and VTH 
    Storeroom to explore opportunities to address inefficiencies, waiting for IHR to post position for VTH Admin Aide, working to fill vacancies in Med Rec, reclassified Tristan in HIS to programmer, working to fill 2 CSR vacancies including 1 for Ward 4 service.


  • Lobby renovation on schedule – Phase 1 Jan. 24-April 5: new admissions desk, service-specific CSR office, exam room 101 reno. Molly’s room relocated to SAC 140 for duration. Phase 2April6-July 26: client seating area including east half of current lobby, SAC 100C, SAC 100B, east locker rooms, Onc/STS tech office, Neuro rounds, exam room 118. Client receiving will be modified for Phase 2, details to follow.
  • Orthopedic Sx rounds room – plans are underway to relocate the orthopedic surgery rounds room to SAC 160. This will require relocation of the pressure walkway to SAC 168. The employee boarding program caging will be relocated to non-clinical space (see below).
  • SAC storage – A 13’x54’ shell space has been created in the south wing of SAC on the first floor. Plans to add shelving and open floor storage are underway. Services indicating desire to utilize storage space include: Cardiology, Client Support, ECC (ER/ICU/IMC), Internal Med, +/- Neuro, Rehab, Surgery.
  • Employee Boarding Program – moving to SAC 48. 12 runs available, fee for program, no assigned cages.
  • Emergency Phones – plans to install at admissions desks, plus SAC 80 commons and LAC internal hallway junction.


  • Purina Nutrition Resource Room – Shari Poruba is helping to establish, then will be overseen by SAIM nursing staff. 


  • Preliminary Plans for Inventory Management – VTH Storeroom & Dispensary
    VTH Storeroom – VTH has extensively investigated systems to integrate with our procurement software (iBuy) without success, therefore; CJ and Stephanie are exploring an external vendor for implementation. Hybrent is a user friendly inventory system that would fit our needs for supply inventory system for the hospital. Improvements would be the ability for updates in real time, large uploads/downloads from the system and reporting features that are necessary to operations but not currently available in 4D. This was previously budgeted in FY21 with the commitment still standing.
    Dispensary – The need for an inventory system to update quantities from patient usage in real-time, hinders our options on an inventory system for the dispensary. Dr. Forsythe has investigated several options and the one that will meet the need is implementation to our HIS. Per HIS, groundwork for planning/designing the needs of the inventory system should begin as soon as possible. This can take place before system changes can begin, which are slated for 7/1/22. Dispensary inventory building/implementation will run concurrent with back-end requirements for SANDI in FY23. HIS is confident that the inventory system will be up and running by the deadline in our audit report of 12/31/23.
  • Vet Med Research Day – VTH on Emergency Only April 27th.

3:00 VTH Report Summary

  • Budget meetings are underway, thru March.
  • Service and P/L report in box

Faculty Staff Boarding

Fee schedule ideas – permit to use, reservation system/ fee per use. 
Re-up with proof of vx.

Vet Tech / Vet Assist Hiring Process

Internal Transfers – We will be modifying how we advertise Vet Tech openings to our current employees. Openings will be announced and any interested CVT may place themselves on the transfer list. Search coordinators may choose to get the transfer list and also the current position list from HR for consideration.


The VTH has a contract with VetCT for teleradiology services in support of the Diagnostic Imaging Service. Price increases are incurred annually with estimated annual spending for FY22 to be $500-750K. VitalRads is a competing teleradiology service who has submitted a price list for consideration. The service has created comparables for consideration.

HO Wages 

House office wages – intern/residents. Residents prevailing wage has increased over past 3 years based on visa issues. Chicago residents. Intern salaries are the lowest in the country as per PC. JW to get the data and will run some numbers and model

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