VTH Board Minutes 10/22/2020

Attendees: Julia Whittington, Scott Austin, Santi Gutierrez, David Williams, Denny French, Devon Hague, Laura Garrett, Ed Garrett (for Jim Lowe), Natalie Lamphier, Stephanie Camp, Alyssa Duncan (Absent: Thomas Lowery -joined late) (ZOOM MEETING)

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Searches – derm, ophtho, sa ortho, surgical oncology, ECC open
  • New Hires: Janice Wierd, CVT (Charge Auditor), Kristin Massey, CVT (LAC 3am-4pm Sa-M tech support) NOTE: S. Gutierrez discussed the continuing need for technical support overnight on weekends. Critical period is 5-11pm.
  • Farrier update – posted, closes today – posted for 1 journeyman farrier and 1 apprentice


  • IR machine getting installed Nov 9, SA sterilizer being moved mid-Nov. – SA surgery will start moving the pack room.
    Occupation of new addition 12/3-12/16.
  • Divernon lease up Dec. 31 – not paid by VTH so will not help budget


  • Client Services Reorg – implementing next week, spending in client services is exceeding budget


  • VetStar updates – single sign-on is almost operational, RDVM portal is live, new discharge forms are available. Next initiative is conversion to SANDI platform of scheduling process.
  • Holidays – VTH remains open on gift days, ER only on designated holidays. No service may close for service or  instruction; exception are services with single faculty member and those services must provide plans for coverage. Policy on service closure found on Policy Misc808: Closing Services. misc808_ClosingServices-1.pdf (illinois.edu) 

VTH Telecommunications 

  • There is general consensus that having a cellular solution to VTH communication issues is preferred. There is skepticism that the proposed solution will address all the concerns.
  • The VTH will implement a temporary solution using TEAMS while more permanent solutions are vetted.
  • Client communications – with client services, with services. The VTH is looking to implement a texting service to perform functions such as appointment reminders, coordinating client/patient visit, taking payment

VTH Receiving Winter COVID

  • LAC receiving – Client arrives and comes inside to check in. Returns to vehicle to await service member. Equine – clients are not stall side. FARMS – clients (limited to 1 per visit) are stall side to coordinate with care-provider. Clients return to lobby to pay. Screening questions are asked upon client arrival, no clients are staying in lobby to wait, social distancing is possible. No changes needed.
  • VMSC receiving – Client arrives and calls, patient is received car side. There is sufficient space to allow clients inside to check in or pay. Will discuss cold weather receiving modifications with services.
  • SAC receiving – Clients services area is too crowded to accommodate employees. SAC lobby furniture has been removed and 4 stations for check in will be created to allow for social distancing. Docent will be stationed at entrance to control who/when enters. Directs to available CSR. Clients to wait in vehicles except for check in, check out. Will work with drop-off services to avoid back up of clients waiting for admission.

Budget Information

  • Budget Information Report – See notes

Code Status Collars

  • Colored collars – anesthesia, wider use?
  • Anesthesia would like to implement the use of colored collars to indicate code status of patients (red, yellow, green indicated DNR, external CPR and full CPR respectively). A discussion regarding implementing colored collars more widely was undertaken. Concern was raised because several services do not inquire about code status of their patients. Additionally, there is concern that code status can change during the course of the patient’s visit and colors would need to be changed. Alyssa Duncan indicated that a similar process was tried before and did not work. There is concern that the collar colors need to be visible to colorblind persons. The general consensus was that this may be possible to implement in anesthesia and SA ICU but not wider.

Purina Kitchen - update

  • D. Williams – update to discussion last month RE: forgoing Purina relationship. Dr. Williams and Natalie Lamphier have discussed options with Purina. Dr. Williams has agreed to coordinate plans going forward to implement Purina Kitchen and is developing proposal for Purina to support training of and employment of faculty oversight of kitchen as an educational program and possible consultation service. 
    Possible position for Dr. Barko.

SAC Exam Room

  • The SAC Exam Rooms on the north side are being renovated to cover the windows that connect to the new hallway. Discussion about covering the existing registers to create a bench-style seat. Would consume approximately 2 feet of floor space. General support was provided.

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