VTH Board Minutes 9/24/2020

Attendees: Devon Hague, Denny French, Santi Gutierrez, Scott Austin, David Williams, Thomas Lowery, Laura Garrett, Stephanie Camp, Natalie Lamphier, Alyssa Duncan (Absent: Jim Lowe)

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Searches – derm, ophtho, sa ortho, surgical oncology, ECC open
  • New Hires: Dr. Do (ER Instructor), Ms. Kristina Kelly (VTH Business Office service agreements/contracts, VTH travel)
  • Farrier update


  • Report (see report below)


  • Client Services Reorg – implementing this week
  • Colored collars – anesthesia, wider use?
  • Video calling - ICU


  • VetStar updates – RDVM portal is getting pushed out to all interested RDVMs. We have proof of concept and authorization to pursue single log-on, now will program process. ATC (VetStar parent company) is working this week to convert scheduling process to SANDI platform.
  • Discharge form roll-out next rotation
  • Wellness initiative

VTH Telecommunications Feedback

  • SANDS – Services seem to be amenable to an app-based communication strategy and several have already implemented this. There is a concern about what happens when personnel are on call.
  • Specialty Medicine – Only Oncology responded, feel strongly that a cellular solution is required.
  • CAZAM – Only SAIM responded, feel strongly that a cellular solution is required.
  • EQMS – Feel strongly that a cellular solution is required.
  • FARMS – No response. Dr. Lowery feels that the expenditure of the amount necessary to implement a cellular solution would be inappropriate.

Budget Information

  • Report – budget not approved yet. We did receive some COVID expense subsidy. It is unlikely this will continue. Energy Recovery Fund – For several years we were charging 2.5% on every invoice for energy recovery, which was more than we needed to pay. We have since reduced that percent but still have ~$811K in the account. We cannot spend this money on anything other than utilities. $700K is being swept to the college to pay our portion of the budget recission. We need to plan for next year’s payment. Teaching/Necropsy Funds Distributed – $30K/$45K respectively have been allocated and assigned to services for Service Chief discretionary use.

House Officer Requests 

  • See Report

Purina Kitchen - Update

  • Natalie Lamphier has been coordinating development plans for the Purina Kitchen and has reached a road-block which requires ownership and leadership of VTH faculty/staff. Decisions regarding product inventory, facility layout, and programmatic scope must be made. To date, no individual has expressed interest in leading this initiative. 
    Purina is committed to providing the cabinetry, and VTH would need to fund the renovation of the space. A proposal is being put forward to terminate the Purina partnership for Purina Kitchen development, and instead use the space for central storage of diets used for in-patient care.
  • Discussion – Dr. Williams requested a written report of 
    the issues and requested a meeting with Natalie at a later date.

Prescription Diets

  • Currently, clinicians recommend prescription diets and often prescribe diets to go home with clients. Clients call SAC for refills of the diets which requires that client services contact the clinician for approval. Additionally, the client will call SAC admissions to have prescriptions sent to Chewy or other food distribution companies. A proposal is being submitted to treat food prescriptions like medication. The food prescription will be entered into VetStar in the same manner as other medications, with approved refills. Discussion – Dr. Williams feels strongly that clients should not be returning to the VTH for any food needs as the RDVM should manage these needs. VTH Board approved moving forward with this plan.

Executive Session 

  • No Minutes 

September 21, 2020
Facilities Update
Small Animal Expansion Project 

  • There have been recent delays due to the error in design of the mechanical room space on the roof. Architect and engineers are working thru solution. Brandon Boyd is demanding adherence to established timeline. Current timeline shows Phase 1 completion in late December. The IR equipment is scheduled to be delivered 
  • The fence was removed at the SE of SAC to be used for the new dog walk-out pen at the NW of SAC. If any fencing is left over we could put it back up as a wall barrier for the SE entrance.
  • College marketing will be working on window coverings for shared windows between new hallway and existing SAC exam rooms in north hallway.
  • Sample of the flooring for the new OR suites has been put in the necropsy room in SAC basement. Need to determine appropriate coarseness.
  • Facilities has started working on the how and who of cleaning the new space.
  • Swipe card access will be required to leave the SAC lobby and exam room space. Hands-free doors to enter.

SAC Lobby

  • F&S architect and project manager have been working on plans to consider for new layout of SAC lobby. Could start on project as soon as ophtho moves. Best time would be when clients not coming into building. Likely would take about 90 days to complete.
  • Curb-side service will continue into winter. Canvas sides for tents have been ordered. Still working on process. May need to convert lobby to socially distance patient receiving.

Student Gym has reopened

Lameness Arena

  • Need to run a magnet to remove all metal in flooring. Donor for footing surface identified by Dr. McCoy. Need to prep site with “4 to 6 inches of compacted powdered limestone as a base with 3 inches of angular masonry sand in which they then put in their product on top of sand and mix together.” Structure will remain unlocked.
  • Fencing has been removed and corner of Hazelwood/Goodwin will be seeded for grass.
  • Gate has been added to paddocks there so that tractor can be driven in to manage waste.

Dentistry project is complete and cabinets have been delivered, installation scheduled for tomorrow.

Ophthalmology Service Area

  • Most of the mechanical work is completed (electricians, heating). Sinks and doors will be installed this week. Ordering furniture.

Wildlife Residence – working on site work and landscaping, exploring option of E phone installation at VMSC Cross walk signs to be placed on Hazelwood between CLSL and VMSC.

Pharmacy Clean Room – Installation is completed, waiting on air balancing work. Certification and walk thru hopefully this month or early next.

Ward 1-4 Doors – installation complete, some need to be repainted which will happen. 

  • Ward 1 needs a gate outside of the door.
  • Ward 1 also needs to have their unloading pen re-worked ($8500) but involves widening concrete drive ($30-50K).

Parking Lots and Service Drives

  • SAC client parking space is responsibility of VTH. Proposed plan adds ~10 new spaces. Estimated cost $250,000
  • Repair of service drives (south of VTH and north of LAC) is responsibility of VTH. Estimated cost $250,000
  • Rental lots at SAC, VMSC, VMBSB are responsibility of Campus Parking. Rental lot at VMSC is scheduled to be resurfaced next summer. No planned schedule for SAC lot. Provost indicated possible plan to resurface VMSBS lot. ?

Equine Surgery Remodel

  • Currently on-hold, need to know if we want to start doing small projects on it.

North Pasture – VCM working to rework pasture for teaching/research herd


  • The cement bridge in front of SAC has some disrepair. F&S says it is structurally sound.
  • The structural integrity of the cement over LAC entrance has been reinforced.
  • The gating camera couch will be installed on the new CT soon, will disrupt service for 1 day

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