VTH Board Minutes 8/27/2020

Attendees: J. Whittington, S. Gutierrez, T. Lowery, D. Williams, H. Phillips (for D. Hague), S. Austin, L. Garrett, D. French, S. Cessna Camp, N. Lamphier, A. Duncan (Absent: J. Lowe) (ZOOM MEETING)

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Searches – Dermatology, Ophtho, Orthopedic Surg, Zoological Med, Pharmacy, ER Instructor, ECC, Anesthesia, Onc Surg
  • Positions that are on self-supporting funds (VTH) will require that we pay 53% fringe (e.g. $53K in addition to salary of $100K). This includes some faculty, a portion of resident salaries, and all intern salaries.
  • Natalie Lamphier – Associate Hospital Director
  • Accounts Receivables - Jeff Hannum
  • Farriers – Diego, Linda, and Mitch have all left and we will be recruiting to revamp this program.


  • Capital project update – IR equipment will arrive in Nov. Siemens will be training 1-2 persons from imaging, cardio, SAIM, and surgery each.
  • Pharmacy Clean Room – Progress on track for late Sept. completion
  • Ophtho – project delayed due to carpenter shop being tied up with COVID mitigation work.
  • LAC Ward Doors – Installation complete. Code access 1230
  • Lameness Arena – Cement, lights, and fan installed. Working on footing and coordinating with equine therio to share space.
  • WMC Residence – project complete and building in use, waiting on landscaping.
  • Bike racks, SA lobby swipe card access - installed


  • Client Services – working to fill vacancies and implement service-centric model
  • Purina Kitchen – Lauren Stump is rep, identifying operation model (faculty member in charge, and technician worker at other schools)
  • Semen Storage – contract and pricing have been revised. Shaun and Carol are working to send out.
  • Shelter Contracts – contract has been revised, awaiting campus approval, legal has approved liability waiver for owned animals.


  • Cobalt Removal – program that had been suspended is being proposed to restart with IL. More to come.
  • Cremation Services – current vendor is no longer allowed due to state procurement rules. Starting bid process for 3rd time


  • The site visit was rescheduled to October and now the team is exploring the option for a virtual visit. The college is contemplating a video tour type format. More info to com


  • A number of discussions are occurring around the VTH about wellness of student, house officers, staff and faculty. It is important to remember that there are a number of resources available for persons needing assistance.
  • If you are concerned that someone is about to commit self-harm, call the police emergency number.
  • The VTH will work with the VCM Dept. to develop some opportunities for ‘breaks with a treat’ such as seminars or other opportunities. 

COVID- Update

  1. VTH_VDL_COVID-19_Positive_Policy_21Aug2020.pdf (illinois.edu)
  2. Microsoft Word - critical infrastructure ee summary .docx (illinois.edu)
  • All documents describe notification protocol. Working on how VTH will be notified in order to initiate response. VM 1 and VM 2 students will have swipe card access limited to VTH in order to minimize number of persons within spaces


  • Clothing – This policy has not been finalized due to suggested edits received from board members.
  • Visit Reports – The VTH will be launching its new discharge summary report forms soon. The principle idea is to improve timely communication of case data with referring vets and owners. The discharge summary should include data specific to the case record that is not found elsewhere and should not be used to summarize student teaching. The policy will be updated and resent.


  • Report by Jeff Fox – Communications Summary
  • The VTH personnel using cellular or smart phones use either cellular or wifi calling – or a combination of both. Cellular calling depends on cellular provider towers and cell service which is impacted by buildings, leaves on trees, etc. Wifi is good throughout the VTH but this requires phone users to turn on wifi. Plus, phones will sometimes preferentially search for cellular service, even when the signal is weak, instead of wifi. We have three main options to address the poor cell phone connectivity.
  1. Expand cellular reception – expensive, least amount of user effort, may not resolve issue, multiple service providers require multiple towers
  2. Device standardization – working with individual users to optimize their phone settings to use wifi
  3. Change the operating model to an app based platform – some good options out there, Skype for business will likely be obsolete in 3 years, Microsoft Teams is good option but not good for outside calling, Other universities use apps (LSU –Teams, Penn – Curator)

Dr. Austin will be attending Vet Management Group Meeting soon and will investigate possible options in use elsewhere.

Section Heads to distribute summary document prepared by Jeff Fox to get input/opinion.


  • Budgets won’t be finalized until September - campus waiting to determine impact of pandemic on enrollment. In general, VTH revenue was better than expected in light of the reduced service due to the pandemic. Expenses were very high and well over what was budgeted. Some of these were anticipated while others were not and will be investigate to determine how to manage going forward.

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