VTH Board Minutes 4/23/2020

Attendees: J. Whittington, T. Lowry, D. Williams, N. Lamphier, A. Duncan, S. Cessna, D. Hague, D. French, S. Austin, L. Garrett (ZOOM MEETING)

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Hiring limited to essential positions
  • Justification required for all, including those in progress
  • Student workers – we are working on making reg/OT wages consistent
    • Could make it easier to share students between services
    • Likely will hire students for WMC
    • Imaging will be hiring ER students


  • All projects (except VMSC roof) on hold
  • Campus closed all construction projects (despite Gov. orders that construction is essential)
  • Soonest resumption 5/4 – depends on Gov. orders


  • HIS update
    • Dardi and Julie are on VADDS, Natalie leading VetStar
    • Have an interested person internally and hopefully will have a lead soon
    • Client and RDVM portals demos
    • RDVM portals will show NOVA results, diagnostic lab results, imaging reports and rx info
    • No update on password unification, which is a campus issue
  • Shelter Med update
    • Meeting with Denny, Shelter medicine, Marci and Dean
    • Tony, Olivia and Loukia came up with a vision for service
    • Tony will stay for junior surgery
    • Loukia is staying until 2022 and will maintaining 25% international and 75% shelter medicine
    • Mobile unit only out 3 days a week


  • Active Legal Issues (StringSoft, Patients, AFSCME)
    • Fighting StringSoft claim that payment of contract balance is due
    • Two patient litigation cases
    • Long term care of shelter med case dt error
    • FARMS patient, discretionary adjustment requested – denied dt lack of error – known complication
    • Discretionary typically 50K and now at $64K, most ($20K) with surgery
      • Discussion about revamping the consent form and adding these complications
  • Telemedicine
    • 8 services interested in recheck
    • Jeff fox will help use the Zoom

    • Google calendar through client services (Need a few days to get the calendar organized)
    • Natalie helping to figure out how to get EMR for visit
  • VTH Re-org
    • Hospital level business and administrative
  • Faculty search updates
    • Radiology – Dr. Billhymer letter of offer soon. (Imaging will not have professional students; Hope that she would have time to devote to house officers)
    • Sx instructor – Dr. Gleason letter of offer soon
    • WEAMS/ Wildlife faculty – Dr. Allender going to clinical assistant professor 92.5% in Brookfield, 8.5% in VDL
      • Exploring options to provide clinical assistance to WEAMS
    • ER instructor position – Dr. Do letter of offer soon
    • Shelter medicine

    • Ophtho – Dr. Villar has applied  (2nd year resident), will wait until things open up to interview her

3:00 Financial Updates

  • P and L Summary
       -PJ repayment of $112K helped with March expenses
      -Profitable for March, revenue was down and also large expense due to capital improvement projects
       -$940K positive for YTD; next month will be worse

    Capital Requests
       -One time expenses $357K, ongoing $900K recurring (much is personnel)

    Service Projections
        -FY20 – 4% increase
        -FY21 – 2% increase

    New Budget Model – Implications for VTH
        -Each college is given $ from campus and then asked to pay back for centralized services
        -Since VTH brings in more $, we get penalized, since it is self-generated and needed for us to be able to teach
          -May use energy recovery $ for this year

Clinical Error / Informed Consent

  • Discretionary Spending – see above

    Informed Consent – Discussion of Complications – see above

COVID-19 Preparedness

  • New Policy – LA?  Animal Testing?
      -Continuing to have evolving policies
       -Dr. Marshall recommends a similar policy for pigs
       -Whittington will ask state vet if we are able to test cats from positive homes and then notifying with results

    Dean’s Requests – room max, contact journals, temperature screening
        -Room maximums mandated
        -Contact journal of who been around <6ft for 10 minutes requested
        -Temperature screening difficulty due to people coming and going

    COVID-19+ Personnel Planning 
       -Developing protocol for personnel that tested positive in VTH with Lisa Moore

Return to Service Plan

  • Non-Urgent/Elective
      -When we expand caseload, will not have students until August 3rd, so services will need to determine if can function

    Support services
       -Radiology will not have students; services will need to hold for ultrasounds
        -Whittington will be chatting with support services about how they can accommodate caseload

    Pharmacy shortages
       -Multiple short supply

    Student workforce

Service SOPs

  • Clinical coordinators will be tasked with creating/maintaining
        -VTH has umbrella guidelines for policies and will discuss with clinical coordinators to develop SOPs for each service

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