Inventory Management System (IMS) Overview and Timeline

The following information outlines the Inventory Management System (IMS), developed internally by Health Information Systems (HIS), that replaces the VTH Storeroom 4D stores application.


The IMS is a new web-based inventory ordering system being developed for use college-wide at Vet Med  It replaces the 4D Stores application for ordering and inventory management and brings new functionality to users. To view documentation and test go here: IMS - Inventory Management System Documentation and Training

The IMS is being built with the ability to bring other groups on board.  It has an ordering interface where the shopper can put items in their cart and checkout. Items in stock can be fulfilled for pickup or delivery by the storeroom, the pharmacy or any other location, which can easily be added to the system.  If items are not in stock an order will be placed for them in iBuy or wherever preferred and those requisition/PO numbers will be entered into the IMS.  Once orders are received they can be entered or scanned into inventory and delivered to the purchaser or the purchaser can pick them up. The purchaser will have full visibility of their order from creation to fulfillment.

How it works

Individuals will open the web application, shop for items, and add them to their cart and checkout.  Depending on their Org (350, 292. etc.), their order will be routed to the proper approver/purchaser. The goal is for IMS to allow users to see what is in stock throughout Vet Med inventory holding locations and to consolidate ordering for increased purchasing power.  Order status will be available for all orders, both new and completed.  

Phase 1: Ordering locations will be the VTH storeroom and VTH Business Office in the initial launch the Dispensary will follow within a few weeks.  Future phases may see departments outside of the VTH using the system such as Facilities, IT, and college BSC. etc.

  • During this phase, we will work on refining the purchasing aspect to flow as seamlessly as possible with the order placement done in iBuy, on vendor sites, on Amazon, at local retail stores, etc. 

Phase 2: Integration with SANDI will be complete by 12/31/2024

  • Before this phase, HIS is completely revamping the charge system within SANDI.  We will consolidate to a single charge for identical items, versus having a code for identical items, for each service.  This will streamline the inventory process as it relates to charging clients while also depleting inventory.  All items used in patient care will be billed through SANDI and will deduct the items for inventory.
  • The ability to create more enhanced charge packages that can encompass everything used during a procedure, surgery, etc. will be available and items can be suppressed from showing on the invoice. the actual cost of items will be accurate within SANDI as they will be pulled from the IMS.  This means pricing will be accurate in real-time. We will be able to set minimum stock levels/reorder points and reorder quantities, this means automated order lists will be generated for review and placement. 
  • Services will be given tablets so they can scan items when received for stock, scan items to charge clients, and do physical inventory counts. 


Phase 1 (Storeroom 4D ordering replacement)

  • December 2023 - January 2024: AlphaTesting (Storeroom)
  • February 2024 - March 1: Beta Testing (Storeroom)
  • March-April: Bring VTH services onboard to order via the IMS instead of 4D,TDX for Bus Ofc.
  • April 9th - Go Live with Storeroom in IMS 
  • May 2024 - Pharmacy ordering setup and testing.
    • Work continues with IMS Phase 2 which integrates fully with SANDI. (Must be completed by 12/31/2024.)
  • May - December: Other Vet Med Departments migrated to the IMS (BSC, Facilities, IT, etc.) if they wish.

Phase 2 (SANDI integration)

  • April 1 - December 31, 2024


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