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SANDI - Cardiology Echocardiogram Upload and Finalize Procedures

Use the following procedure to upload Echo reports into the RIS worklist and finalize the report. (This will post the report to Exams & Forms automatically.)

There are two options for uploading and finalizing Echo reports. One with an Echo report included and one without

Adding an Echocardiogram Order and Charges 

1. Create a RIS order. 

  •  You can add a RIS order from Charges or Imaging on the Patient Dashboard. 
  • If you Add Order from the RIS Worklist you will need to lookup the correct patient.


3. Once completed, the order will now appear in the RIS Worklist:


4. Move the order through the RIS Status Flow:

  1. Select Acknowledge Button (This will change the status to Request Accepted)
    • You can skip the In-Process Button and go straight to Completed
  2. Select the Complete Button (This will change the status to Complete and automatically displays the Order Charges screen.)


3. In the Order Charges Screen, at Search Other Staff, lookup and select the clinician reading the report. (Do NOT choose Reading Doctor from the drop down on the RIS Worklist.)

    1. No Charges Added: If there should be no charges added, simply select Submit. 
    2. Charges Added: If there ARE charges applicable, select the check box next to the charges that apply to the study OR you can add other charges by selecting Add Procedure.
    3. When finished, select Submit and the order Status will be Complete.

Uploading an Echocardiogram Report

Option 1: Finalize Only: NO Echo Report Uploaded

  • If there IS NOT an Echo report to upload, select Finalize and the status will change to Finalized Today.

Option 2: Upload an Echo Report

    1. In the RIS Worklist, select the Upload Report uploadbutton.

    2. At Exam Type, select Echocardiogram Report from the drop-down.


    3. Select 1 Select Exam Type and Finalize Order. (This will create the Echocardiogram Report, open it immediately for you to upload images, links it to the RIS order, and sets the RIS order status to Finalized Today.)

    4. In the Echocardiogram Report Examination window, select the Add Image(s) button.

    5. Select the Choose Files Button and browse to your report location and select it.


    6. Select Submit & Verify when complete. (You can select Submit only IF you have more to upload at a later time.)

    7. The report will be saved and viewable in the following patient information boxes on the dashboard: Exams & Forms and Imaging.


    Note: As mentioned above, studies with the status of Finalized Today will drop off of the RIS Worklist during the nightly end of day process.

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