Designated Areas for Food and Drink

VTH Policy #Misc814

Implementation Date: 7/20/2022

Date of Last Revision: 7/20/2022

Next Review Due: 7/19/2025


Reviewed by VTH Administrative Team: 7/20/2022

Reviewed by VTH Board: N/A


Reviewed by Legal Counsel: N/A

Reviewed by Biosecurity Subcommittee: N/A

Subject to modification by the VTH Director without approval.


Food and drink storage and consumption are only permitted in designated areas. No food or drink is allowed 
in clinical service areas per OSHA regulations


Per OSHA guidelines:

  • The Bloodborne Pathogens standards, paragraph (d)(2)(ix), prohibits these activities such as eating, drinking, applying cosmetics or lip balm, and handling contact lenses, only in work areas where employees have a reasonably anticipated exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). The prohibition against food and drink and the use of personal items in such a work area is consistent with other OSHA standards and is good industrial hygiene practice. 
  • OSHA’s Sanitation standard governing eating and drinking areas, 29 CFR 1910.141 (g)(2) states, “No employee shall be allowed to consume food or beverages… in any area exposed to a toxic material.” The term toxic material is defined under 29 CFR 1910.141(a)(2) meaning: a material in concentration or amount…which is of such toxicity so as to constitute a recognized hazard that is causing or is likely to cause death or serious physical harm.

VTH personnel (includes but is not limited to all University faculty, staff, and students) must follow appropriate behavior in clinical service areas. Personnel must adhere to policy on designated areas for food storage, with exception of veterinary food for patients. 

Procedure (if applicable)

Designated spaces where food and drink are allowed within the VTH have a sign stating, “Food and Drink Allowed- No Animals Beyond this point.” These spaces are typically conference rooms, rounds rooms and break rooms. 

All clinical spaces that are designated for patient care where food and drink are NOT allowed within the VTH have a sign stating “Patient Care Area- No Food or Drink Allowed”

Definitions (if applicable)

OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH): The collective clinical services of the Large Animal Clinic, Midwest Equine, the Small Animal Clinic, and the Veterinary Medicine South Clinic.

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